Democrats Immediately React as President Mourns Victims


Congressional Democrats in the Chamber reacted immediately last night during one key moment in the President’s speech. It doesn’t play well the morning after.

When the President honored the parents of two young girls from Long Island who were murdered by MS-13, Democrats groaned and booed. They don’t believe Republicans are allowed to mention the downside of open borders.

The most damaging moment for Democrats — which media outlets are not discussing — came when the President told of the murders of two teenage girls who were heading home from school. They were slaughtered by MS-13. Listen to Democrats boo and groan as the President mentions MS-13.

Dan Bongino reacted to their reaction.


That isn’t the media story today. MSM is instead joining with Democrats to call the speech divisive.

Washington Post first published a positive front page but was slammed for it and CHANGED IT. They then decried the speech as a “diatribe against immigrants”.

Even his pointing to victims of North Korean brutality was turned into a negative by WaPo as they wrote: Ji Seong-ho, a refugee from torture in North Korea who traveled on crutches to escape, was an unintentional reminder of how perverse it is to keep immigrants out. Would America not benefit by his permanent presence? Trump apparently finds him admirable only insofar as he lives elsewhere.


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