Democrats Invite Terror-Tied Islamists to the State of the Union to Send a Message



If Republicans are so-called Islamophobes then Democrats are Hamas sympathizers.

As many as 25 House Democrats are expected to have Muslim guests during Tuesday night’s State of the Union speech. It’s in response to a call from Democratic National Committee chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz and Minnesota Rep. Keith Ellison, the first Muslim voted into Congress, to counter an “alarming rise in hateful rhetoric against Muslim Americans and people of the Islamic faith worldwide.”

There is no evidence of an “alarming rise” by the way.

At least two of the invites should raise eyebrows. They are leaders of CAIR.

CAIR continually accuses the FBI of entrapping terrorists they arrest, denying terrorists are tied to mosques though they are, fights all surveillance, and helps families sue the government. Recently in the case of the attempted murder of Philadelphia police officer Jesse Hartnett, CAIR tried to say that the jihadi, Edward Archer wasn’t known by anyone at the local mosques though he was provably a regular attendee at the local mosque.

CAIR, the Council on American-Islamic Relations, said, “At this hour, it does not appear that he was an observant or mosque-going Muslim” in the local community, said Jacob Bender, executive director of the Philadelphia Chapter of the Council on American–Islamic Relations.

“I’ve called numerous imams and mosques to try to see if the name rings a bell with anyone. So far it hasn’t,” he told Reuters in an interview.

They lied and they do it all the time. They have strong ties to Hamas and promote radical causes throughout the world. Former FBI counter terrorism chief, Steven Pomerantz, stated publicly that, “CAIR, its leaders and its activities effectively give aid to international terrorist groups,” Discover the Networks reports.

CAIR’s goal is to distort and excuse terrorism in the US and they have a vision. At a speech in Fremont, California, Omar M. Ahmad of CAIR proclaimed that, “Islam isn’t in America to be equal to any other faith, but to become dominant. The Koran…should be the highest authority in America, and Islam the only accepted religion on Earth.”

CAIR, is a terror-tied group, and they have been invited to attend the State of the Union address. CAIR is a front group for Hamas and are unindicted co-conspirators in the Holy Land Foundation trial.

Two officials from the Council on American-Islamic Relations will be attending the State of the Union address Tuesday as guests of Progressive Democratic lawmakers, Reps. Zoe Lofgren (Calif.) and Alcee Hastings (Fla).

Lofgren will be bringing Sameena Usman, a government relations coordinator in the San Francisco office, while Hastings will host Nezar Hamze, the chief operating officer of the nonprofit CAIR’s Florida branch.

The announcement comes days after Rep. Keith Ellison (D-Minn.), the first Muslim elected to Congress, challenged Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) to bring a Muslim American as one of his guests to the speech.

Nezar Hamze is also a deputy sheriff.


Hamze, exploiting his position as a law enforcement officer, traveled to the Tampa, Florida area to perform weapons training at the Daarus Salaam Mosque, also known as the Islamic Society of New Tampa (ISONET), a mosque associated with all three US groups named to UAE’s terror list – CAIR, the Muslim American Society (MAS) and Islamic Relief (IR), FrontPage Magazine reported.

Hamze is also tied to Islamic Relief.


Sameena Usman’s office urged Muslims not to talk to the FBI if they were asked any questions about any investigations.

Sameena Usman
Sameena Usman

Usman’s office published a notorious poster urging Muslims to “Build a Wall of Resistance [and] Don’t Talk to the FBI.” For its part, the FBI cut off contact with CAIR, except in investigations, in 2008 based on evidence its agents uncovered which placed CAIR in a Hamas-support network in the United States. Until it can be shown that those connections no longer exist, an FBI official explained in 2009, CAIR is not “an appropriate liaison partner,” the Investigative Project reported.

wall of resistance

Last month, the IPT provided exclusive details from eyewitness accounts about CAIR’s creation, including an account of how a co-founder sought approval from the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood for CAIR’s bylaws, and how Executive Director Nihad Awad’s move to Washington was “in order to represent Hamas.”

I’d like to know what the hay type of message they are trying to send. Anything for votes I suppose.

Other Sources: the hill and weasel zippers


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roger kimble
roger kimble
6 years ago

I think the people of the usa need to work together all of them we our americans. Obama is bad for this coutry. he jjust got him a home in a muslim country. that should show you ass wholes in Washington what needs to be done. that is both parties you people our going to get thre blame for all he does against the usa and its people.the military needs to take the country back for all americans.the muslims need to be ran out of the usa. you senator congressmen are going answer for all this stuff. you where elected by the people and to take care of them and the usa. we need to have charge or are country and I mean every one that is a usa cittzen. not color of people but all people young and old as a people together. you people better not fight each other but the crimals in office who should not be there.

6 years ago

If you are placing multicultural and interfaith interests above the safety of your country you are in deep trouble. Associating the Democratic party with Islamist organizations like CAIR is backwards. REAL Muslim activists are fighting against brutal Islamic theocracy, not the USA. American Muslims enjoy greater rights, freedoms and privileges than in ANY Muslim country.If you don’t already know the damage that’s been caused by the spread of Islamism throughout Europe it’s because the national media has effectively blotted it out. No one is hurt more by this naive brand of culturally relative progressivism than Muslims. All is not “equally brutal” between secular Western society and Islamic theocracy. Islamism is far more right wing and fascist than anything happening on the Western right. If you truly care about Muslims then speak against deceptive Islamists (who call themselves “activists”) already working to impose Islamic laws and customs into the West. Support the ACTUAL Muslim activists putting themselves at great risk to REFORM Islam, speaking against racism, homophobia, the oppression of women and Islamofacism. Don’t be silenced by manufactured claims of “Islamophobia.” If we don’t get a grip on this now the world your children inherit will be remarkably less “liberal” than the one you appear to take for granted. Muslims in America are doing pretty well. But if you don’t stand up for the principles of freedom it will be easy for the Islamists to take it from you.