Democrats Know Texas Has Been Transformed in Time for 2020


Democrats and the changing demographics may turn Texas blue before 2020, The Hill reports. The reddest of red states in the union is becoming a swing state. It now mirrors the transformation we saw in California.

That’s according to Kristin Tate, a libertarian writer.

She writes: Texas demographics today are strikingly similar to those of California in 1990 before Democrats began their seven to nothing streak of Golden State victories in presidential races. Like California in 1990, the Texas population currently hovers around 29 million and is changing rapidly in light of heavy immigration from Mexico. The second generation children of Mexican immigrants have played a major role in keeping California out of Republican reach. This same transformation is taking root in Texas…

…There are around 35 percent of Texans under the age of 18 who are the children of immigrants, a figure that has nearly doubled in the last 30 years. This carries weight.

All those anchor babies are American citizens and they are coming of age. It doesn’t matter if their parents are here illegally.

When we lose Texas, Democrats will have a permanent electoral majority throughout the country and their agenda will destroy the United States: all the freebies, high taxes, wild spending, gun confiscation, redistribution, limitations of free speech, universal income, open borders, wealth taxes, infanticide, no electoral college, a stacked Supreme Court, watering down of law enforcement, unjust justice, and more, will prevail.

The country will soon be lost thanks to foreigners and their offspring who didn’t come for our values.

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