Democrats for Leading State Sponsor of Terrorism in the World


Some Democrats embraced Louis Farrakhan as we know from pictures and also from a strong statement on his behalf by a congressman from Illinois Danny Davis. He said Farrakhan is an “outstanding” guy. At a private dinner with Farrakhan, three Democrats were also in the esteemed presence of Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani in 2013. Iran is the number one sponsor of terrorism in the world.

Daily Caller reported that Rouhani was in New York for a U.N. meeting and attended a dinner party. According to the Nation of Islam publication, Final Call, three Democrats attended. They kept it secret. I wonder why? Can’t imagine.

The Wall Street Journal recently exposed it. Unsurprisingly, the three Democrats are Reps. Keith Ellison of Minnesota, Andre Carson of Indiana and Gregory Meeks of New York.

Rouhani was labeled a “moderate” by the left to help get the Iran Deal approved but he is no moderate. He has been lying to the U.S. for decades.

Rouhani Is a Fake Moderate

Democrats helped Rouhani define himself as a moderate even though he never has been and never will be. Before the Iran deal was concluded, the AP, the NY Times and others praised him for his moderation.

Rouhani, the so-called moderate, was an intimate of the murderous Khomenei regime from its inception and is close to the current Ayatollah.  Rouhani is an Ayatollah insider. One cannot be an Ayatollah insider and be anything but extreme. Rouhani was also close to the very radical Rafsanjani.

Rouhani has extolled theocrat Khomenei’s enlightened “vision” for Islamic supremacy in his writings and has said that to separate from these ideals is to be held in the prison of western politics, “politics without ethics” or a medieval European dungeon, “backward religious thoughts”…

When Rouhani served as Iran’s chief nuclear negotiator, he openly admitted he was pretending to negotiate with the US while mocking the US for believing him. He mocked the European Troika while lying to their faces.

Immediately after Iran’s presidential election in June. Iran announced they were sending 4,000 more troops to Syria. They also announced their intention to move ahead with their nuclear program.As Ahmadinejad was leaving, he warned us by saying, “I will inform you with God as my witness, a devastating storm is on the way that will uproot the basis of Zionism.” Ahmadinejad added that Israel “has no place in the region.”

Rouhani’s own son hated his ideology so much that he killed himself.

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