Democrats Lose House Seat to the Montana Reporter-Basher


Democrats collected another disappointing loss in Montana last night with Greg Gianforte winning the House seat, holding a substantial 51% win over his guitar-playing opponent at 44%. This was despite his allegedly misdemeanor assaulting a pesky Guardian reporter.

We don’t condone violence ever but to be fair, Gianforte, the reporter basher, has been the subject of lies and media abuse during his months on the trail.

Gianforte has apologized directly to the reporter and to the people of Montana.

Let’s hope, however, he resorts to words next time, never violence.

In the end, there are worse things than someone who smacks down a reporter from the reviled Fourth Estate, and that’s a leftist.The reporter’s paper, the Guardian is hard-left and hard to stomach.

His opponent Rob Quist is “Nancy Pelosi in a skirt” with Bernie Sanders as his champion.

Despite this leftist loss, there’s always the Georgia seat which the wealthiest of leftists are pouring money into. The left is also registering Democrats shipped in from foreign lands, from gangs and other groups who don’t normally vote. It’s Newt Gingrich’s old seat. If the left wins with Jon Ossoff (who won’t even move into the district) in the runoff, and they well might, they will use it to claim the tide is turning and Trump is in for a world of pain in 2018. That will scare Republicans.

Trump needs to get some substantial successes through Congress.

In the face of a terrible leftist-neverTrumper onslaught, it won’t be easy, but Trump seems determined to struggle through it.

The left has attacked from all sides. Obama holdovers are still embedded in the White House and in every agency with neverTrumpers. Treasonous leaks and slow-walking Trump appointments, along with judicial tyranny, has slowed progress almost to a halt.

Trump must wipe out the tyrannical resistance in his government, stop the leaks, and eventually counteract the judicial branch by hiring new, more conservative and libertarian judges.

The left is now accusing Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner, by their own words, of no wrongdoing, but are cleverly blowing him up as a “person of interest”, a Russian dupe perhaps, in a Russia-Trump collusion case being made with no evidence.

They’ve temporarily left the Impeachment blather for the most part and moved on to the Emoluments Clause again, claiming the Trump business interests are intruding on his decisions.

The White House has set up a war room to counter the lies, half-truths and misrepresentations being leaked and put forth by the complicit media who skirt the bounds of treason.

The war room will fight the deep state which threatens our Republic if it isn’t already too late. Axios reports that it puts Bannon back in a high place as the “wartime consigliere”, as he was during the campaign, and has allegedly united him and his forces with the Jivankas, against the common enemy.

Whatever it takes.

The globalists want to destroy our sovereignty and Capitalism. All that stands in the way right now is Donald Trump.

If you pray, do it.

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