How Democrats Manipulated the CBO to Pass Obamacare


A former CBO Director agrees the Democrats clearly manipulated the CBO to pass Obamacare but the Republicans, he says, are not doing that. The Republican bill is only 140-pages and it’s clear cut.

Jonathan Gruber and his fellow Democrats manipulated the CBO and fed them misinformation to get Obamacare passed. The expression at the time was “garbage in, garbage out.”

Gruber even created a comic book to explain Obamacare to the “stupid” Americans.

Gruber lied to get “stupid” Americans to support the bill.

Gruber connived a plan for the unpopular Cadillac tax in secret with Obama in the room.

The new bill by the Republicans is transparent.

The former CBO Director Douglas Holtz-Beacon believes the headline is the Republican healthcare bill saves well over $200 billion over Obamacare. The only reason people will lose their healthcare, he added, is because people choose not to buy it. He added it works because it controls healthcare costs.

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