Democrats’ & Mueller’s Insane Plan for the Mueller Hearing


Democrats are out of their ever-loving vicious minds. Speaker Pelosi sent a six-page memo strategizing the plan to damage the President at tomorrow’s five-hour Mueller hearing. In addition, Mueller added a surprise guest who the DOJ had banned from testifying.

This is a coup.


Rep. Jim Jordan has alerted the public to a startling change in the Mueller panel during tomorrow’s hearing. At the last minute, Mueller added his chief of staff, the man who worked on the obstruction portion of the report.

The significance of this is Aaron Zebley, a close deputy to Mueller, worked on the obstruction of justice portion of the bogus Russia investigation. On July 10, the DOJ prevented Zebley’s testimony before the Democrat-led House Committees. Mueller is now violating the rules and sneaking him in as a witness at the 11th hour.


Speaker Pelosi drafted a six-page memo to all members of the Democratic caucus on Tuesday in preparation for Wednesday’s hearing. The chairs Jerrold Nadler and Adam Schiff said it will break through the President’s [alleged] lies.

She issued a memo summarizing the findings of the Mueller report that are harmful to the President.

The Speaker wants to take advantage of the Mueller hearing Wednesday as he appears before the judiciary committees and the intelligence committees.

Axios reports:

The first four pages are a collection of what Pelosi’s office sees as the most important and damaging quotes from Mueller’s report.

Pages five and six speak to how the caucus will try to continue this fight in the fall, using the same tactics Congress implemented post-Watergate — a mixture of more aggressive oversight and passing sweeping reforms to combat money in politics and promote government ethics and transparency.

The Dem leadership aide said that they will also launch a social media campaign to coincide with Mueller’s testimony, in which they are asking celebrities and outside supporters to retweet passages from the report.

They’ll also prepare a “war room” to deal with rapid response messaging.

The House Intelligence Committee will focus on Volume 1: Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election, while the House Judiciary Committee will focus on Volume 2: possible instances of obstruction of justice by President Trump.

House Judiciary Chair Jerrold Nadler will pursue the testimony of Don McGahn and Hope Hicks.

They plan to go over a line that reads, If we could trust that the President clearly did not commit a crime, we would have said that.

The Mueller report was written to keep open the possibility of impeachment and the Democrats will use it to impeach the President. They are trying to swing public opinion towards the idea.

Sadly, this is a continuation of the coup and nothing is being done to stop it. Democrats brazenly move ahead. They have done no work whatsoever since they took over the House. All they do is attack the President and Republicans.

More information here.

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