Democrats’ New Voting Bloc – Iran’s Terrorist Regime



Lobbyists need to be thrown out of Congress because the process is corrupt. We have terrorist nations exploiting it to divide Americans.

The propaganda ad in the photo above is from a full-page New York Times ad taken out by the  NIAC (The National Iranian American Council), a group strongly suspected of working with the Iranian regime to influence U.S. policy. Iran, for its part, has suggested that the next step after the nuclear deal is to divide us from within along party lines presumably using organizations like NIAC and to defeat us in the international arena.

Iran using our own democratic freedoms against us will have lasting deleterious effects on our Republic.


Back in 2013, Javad Zarif, pictured above, the Iranian Foreign Minister who negotiated the peace talks with Iran, told  Mehr News:

“The Republic of Iran has the power and capacity to challenge U.S. and Israel in the international arena. To achieve this we must believe in the abilities of ourselves and of our diplomatic team. If we think that there is a unified voice in America, we are mistaken. By utilizing the opposing views in the U.S. we can be the winners in the (diplomatic) scene, and, of course, we can take advantage of the Zionist regime’s weaknesses.”

Also in 2013, Hossein Naghavi, the speaker of the parliament’s Committee described Zarif’s plan:

“We consider enemies as enemies and believe that we should not let the Zionists (Israel) present themselves as victims. We believe the U.S. is not a super-power and we can defeat U.S. and Israel in the diplomatic arena. We should believe in the power and capacities of the revolution and the country. The United States and the Zionists want to show that Iran has no room to play. But we have both the power and the capacity. We know the rules of the game and we can play the best game.”

It’s 2015 and suspicion lingers that The National Iranian American Council (NIAC) is aggressively lobbying on behalf of the Iranian government.


Trita Parsi, founder of NIAC

In 2007, Arizona-based Iranian-American journalist Hassan Daioleslam began publicly asserting that NIAC was lobbying as an agent of the Islamic Republic of Iran. In response, the group’s founder Trita Parsi sued him for defamation.

As a result of the lawsuit, many internal documents were released, which Washington Times national security correspondent Eli Lake stated “raise questions about whether the organization is using that influence to lobby for policies favorable to Iran in violation of federal law.”

The case was eventually thrown out of court and the suspicion grew based on the court findings.

The court said “That Parsi occasionally made statements reflecting a balanced, shared blame approach is not inconsistent with the idea that he was first and foremost an advocate for the regime,” The Weekly Standard reported.

Likewise, the court was unimpressed by Parsi’s supposed championing of human rights in Iran. “While Parsi does criticize Iran’s human rights record,” the court found, “his criticisms are tepid.”

Adding that “any moderately intelligent agent for the Iranian regime would not want to be seen as unremittingly pro-regime, given the regime’s reputation in the United States.”

Parsi has been given access to high level U.S. government officials and has been treated as a foreign policy expert.

This is the problem – Parsi’s group just launched an advocacy arm – NIAC Action as detailed in Gulf News. They believe the Iran deal is just the first step in influencing U.S. policy.

They [NIAC] want to “take” their “share of influence on the issues that impact” them, according to Jamal Abdi, the NIAC Action executive director.

The group is a 501(c)4 and they plan to do more lobbying and political organizing.

They want “the right candidates” and will fundraise and get behind the candidates who support their views, which will be the Democrat party of course.

We now have another group in the back pockets of Democrats who might propagandize for Iran, an enemy State, in order to “defeat” us in the “diplomatic arena” and consequently, defeat an ally, Israel.

Now that the administration thinks this enemy nation is a friend, the U.S. is very susceptible to Iran’s propaganda and lobbying.

Hojjatoleslam Kazzem Seddiqi

Meanwhile, Tehran’s Provisional Friday Prayers leader Hojjatoleslam Kazzem Seddiqi (photo above) underlined that the nuclear agreement between Tehran and the six world powers (the US, Russia, China, France, Britain and Germany) will not change Iran’s policy towards the U.S., echoing Ayatollah Khamenei’s remarks on July 18th which included a new pledge to destroy America and Israel.

Death to America


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