Democrats Offer Kiss of Death to “Their Own” Working Class


Democrats have begun trading in their shock over President Trump’s election for a never ending attack on both “The Donald”, and by extension the working class voters who must now be punished for playing a huge role in his stunning victory. If you think it’s crazy for Dems to purposely hurt a big part of their base, you’ll be surprised to learn it’s been going on for a long, long time.

Elitist Democrats, and an aloof Beltway establishment had begun flushing what used to be the heart of that political party years ago. Witness the following passage from the New York Times Magazine….written in 1970!

Liberalism has turned away from the common people and become institutionalized into an establishment. Its spokesmen are driven around in limousines and supported by rich foundations, the television networks and publishing houses, the knowledge industry, the billion‐dollar universities and the urban consulting firms which profiteer from poverty.”

Thomas B. Edsall, a fellow who’s been ahead of this electoral curve, wrote in November of 2011, “Democratic operatives for the 2012 election make it clear for the first time that the party will explicitly abandon the white working class.”

Mr. Edsall mused in December, 2014 about “self-righteous” Democrats asking themselves why working class voters are unable to “…..recognize where their economic interests lie”. It’s because those folks’ lives were “worse than they were a generation ago.” They’d seen their incomes drop, opportunities for upward mobility stymied, and increased unemployment in their chosen fields.

If the 2014 results, along with a cumulative, decade long, massive swing towards the GOP in over 1,000 local, state, and federal elections wasn’t enough to wake up the Democrat Party, Trump’s win was. And woke up they did. But like the cranky, terribly spoiled child shaken from a glorious dream, they awakened bitter, resentful, and outraged. Soon that fury translated to hate, and their loathing quickly spread from Trump to his supporters.

The voters especially marked for revenge were those middle class, blue collar people who, in an effort to help their own “families”, and after decades of blood oath loyalty, bolted from their leftist “godfathers”.   The Democrat’s response, has been to treat these former patrons as traitors. They must be punished in a manner suitable to their betrayal.

The urgency of retribution dramatically accelerated when President Trump began moving swiftly to actually fulfill campaign promises directed at the hopeful, hard-working Americans who’d put him in office. By using executive actions, and chairing highly publicized, productive meetings with big employers and union leaders, Trump began lifting the mood of the tens of millions who’d suffered through years of economic distress.

The stock market soared and consumer confidence hit highs not seen in 16 years. It was the kind of achievement Democrats and their media enablers needed to kill off. And so it began. Numerous overblown, negative, Trump-centered stories, many proven to be patently false, were breathlessly reported. Dems cluttered the airwaves with demands that ranged from calling for ever more investigations, to impeachment. The scheme was/is to smother the Trump agenda by any means necessary, and along with it the hopes and dreams of those former party loyalists who must now “answer for” their disloyalty.

Thus the vendetta continues apace. Vengeful Democrats, not unlike threatened Mafia Dons have chosen to adopt the political version of “il bacio della morte”. Rather than simply kiss the working class goodbye they plot an economic kiss of death. Rather then a bullet in the back of the head, Dems conspire to drown betrayers in a fetid bureaucratic swamp, created for just such a payback, and now being used to kill legislation designed to lift those who’ve rightfully abandoned them.

No, it’s not like Michael Corleone literally taking the life of a brother he felt could no longer be trusted. Rather the Democrats are targeting the livelihoods of those who can no longer be counted on to blindly serve the party’s needs. Although, when you get right down to it, under the most dire personal economic circumstances, for some, that may be a distinction, without much of a difference.

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