Democrats Plan for the President’s Impeachment & Imprisonment


Democrats will be very unfair as they have been all along when they control the House. They are planning his impeachment and imprisonment. Getting a little ahead of themselves, aren’t they?

Rep. Jerry Nadler (D-NY), the likely incoming House Judiciary Committee chairman, has made it clear he will end all probes of the FBI and DOJ and hopes to impeach President Trump and Justice Kavanaugh.

During The State of the Union discussion Sunday, he said that the payments Michael Cohen made to the two porny women, directed and coordinated by the President, warrants impeachment.


It is possible the President did something wrong, but without the evidence, why speculate and aid and abet the Democrats who are out to get any Republican? The former New Jersey governor saw it as beneficial to do so.

Trump ally Chris Christie is concerned about the language used in the Cohen indictment and speculated that the FBI has other evidence to prove the President is guilty of campaign finance violations.

“The language sounds very definite,” Christie said. “And what I’d be concerned about is, what corroboration do they have?”

“Because everyone knows that Michael Cohen is not going to be the most effective or trustworthy witness on the stand, given some of his past statements,” Christie said. “[W]hen prosecutors sound that definitive they’ve got more usually than just one witness.”


Little Adam Schiff (t) sees the President in prison.

ADAM SCHIFF: There’s a very real prospect that on the day Donald Trump leaves office the Justice Department may indict him, that he may be the first president in quite some time to face the real prospect of jail time.

As Senator Rand Paul said, campaign finance violations have been way over-criminalized. It’s absurd.



    • Not too blunt at all. Saved me having to say it.

      They don’t actually want what they’re trying to unleash. Of course we don’t want it either but since the left seems determined to be a boot smashing into our faces forever, we may not have a choice.

  1. Can’t Congress do their job? Like maybe make laws and help run the government? No let’s go after the president, who has stabilized the economy, put more money in peoples pockets from tax cuts, lowered oil prices. Mr Trump has done more in 2 years the George W. AND Obama did in their combined 16 years. Give it a break already and do your job!!! We need term limits for both houses of congress.

  2. Do you for a minute think we’ll let Trump be impeached? You are dreaming. If you think you’re invulnerable to bullets, we’ll hit you with Kryptonite.

  3. i would say their deaths will come long before donald trump is ever “imprisoned”…400 million guns in the u s, a majority aimed at the democrats

  4. If the Dem-wits insist on ratcheting-up the rhetoric and threats, the sane people (deplorables) in fly-over country will respond in kind by shutting down the criminal Clinton Cartel and actually put people in prison. Perhaps the mentally ill TDS sufferers will be given an alternative of getting supervised psychiatric help. … Lithium carbonate sometimes works wonders. The first step in recovery is insight into the condition and wanting to be normal. But TDS is especially resistant to insight. … Probably not much hope.

  5. Dodging a bullet ? I could enjoy that, especially watching the Progressives counter with words about justice, racism and social fairness…this has already gone too far, The Left is very close to ruining all individual Freedom..they are destroying civilization.

  6. You gotta Love the Delusion of Dumbasscraps. Trump has already begun using “Arkancide” on a few now dead Military leaders from the Islama regime. Can’t wait till Alan Schitt his pants has an “Overdose” of whatever medication he’s on.

  7. What these bolsheviks do not understand, they can impeach all they desire, but to CONVICT you must have 2/3 of the Senate. Guess who rules the senate boys and girls bolsheviks? It is the REPUBLICANS. So the bolsheviks can do what they desire, and attempt to ruin the economy, people vote with their wallets unless like in queerfornia they vote illegally with baskets full of ballots

  8. Those corrupt Democrats and RINOs may be planning for Trump’s impeachment, but Trump has the DNC and other servers and all the irrefutable evidence to indict, arrest, try, and send many of those corrupt, greedy, evil, lying, cheating leftist politicians to Gitmo. We’ll see who wins this race. My money’s on Trump and Q. NOTHING can stop what is coming, and crooked Dems and RINOs are scared. Go, Trump!

  9. The dimmos might want to spend their time trying to figure out who they’ll run in 2020. The field is looking quite quite hilarious at present.

  10. There have been two presidential impeachments. Both were democrats. Neither was removed from office. Why do democrats think this one will be different?

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