Democrats Poised for “Enlightened” Bernie and a New Progressive Era in American History


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There is a reason Democrats like Hillary and Debbie Wasserman-Schultz won’t explain the difference between a Democrat and a Socialist and the reason is because they are willing to be Socialists to win and to be the only political power in the nation. They want to hold the presidency in perpetuity.

In a new national poll out from Quinnipiac University on Tuesday, Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) destroys Republican candidate Donald Trump in a general election by 13 percentage points, 51 to 38. If this margin held in a general election, Democrats would almost likely regain control of the United States Senate and very possibly the House of Representatives.

The poll noted that 61 percent of Americans say the Republican frontrunner “does not share their values,” 58 percent believe he “is not honest and trustworthy,”and 57 percent say he “does not care about their needs and problems.”

Gallup polls found that Trump’s popularity is only 37%.

Cruz and Rubio would make the election a tossup.

It’s not only Quinnipiac showing these results, it’s most polls. Real Clear Politics has a breakdown with the mainstream Republicans doing better in a national election than Trump and serous contenders against all of them.

Clinton and Sanders get positive press and don’t have anyone challenging them. The GOP candidates get bad press and are savaging each other in the debates. Fox News also savages them with questions no one is asking of the Democrat candidates.

Leftist Democrats are calling this a blockbuster poll in that it proves we are heading for a new progressive era [communist era] in American history with an “enlightened” candidate – cranky old Bernie.

Clinton would defeat Trump by 7 percentage points in the same poll.

Bernie Sanders wants a political revolution.

A revolution means you have to overturn something against the will of others. Sanders and his group want to overturn capitalism and replace it with a failed ideology that is totalitarian in nature.

The youth have no idea what they are revolting for. Sanders is no one to underestimate as Bernie has said. Obama has spent the last seven years getting out the vote with immigrants, with lies, and with freebies for voting groups. He’s been dividing and conquering Americans. Sanders or Hillary could win.

It’s very discouraging to see America become a leftist nation but it is happening despite the failure of all leftist nations that have come before.

It’s possible Bernie won in Iowa last night. The Iowa Democratic Party is missing the results from 90 precincts, CNN and Washington Post reported, citing a report from Bernie Sanders’ campaign.

The Iowa Democratic Party is pushing back against Sanders contention.

The Clinton campaign declared victory and said nothing was outstanding that would have changed the results.

Sanders is demanding the release of the raw data.

Then there is the bizarre coin toss.

There was a coin toss to decide six caucuses in Democratic precincts. Hillary Clinton won all of them and as the coin went her way, everyone applauded. It wasn’t a lot of votes but the race was extremely tight with Hillary winning by only 3%.

There was a kerfuffle over a tweet coming out from the Cruz campaign saying Carson was quitting the campaign. It began with CNN but the Cruz campaign didn’t send out the follow up tweet which said he was merely going to Florida for a change of clothes. Carson put the ‘dirty tricks’ label on Cruz and though he apologized, it could dog Cruz for a while.

The GOP needs to unite or we will get a communist as president and, make no mistake, Sanders is a communist. Sanders once condemned Reagan for the administration’s anti-communist activities. His plans are insane and unaffordable to even a novice of economics.

The Economist claims he’s not a communist because he only adopts a small portion of Marx’s platform. He’ll let us keep our private property and won’t take over all businesses. That might be more wishful thinking on the part of The Economist though Bernie hasn’t out and out called for that – recently. He knows he can’t win if he says that.

There is no way for him to give free healthcare for all unless he taxes everyone 50%. Until Democrats admit that, people will buy into the nonsense. Bernie will give free college and make everything a right in accordance with the socialist UN’s Declaration of Human Rights.

He’ll set the highest tax rate at 90% and, eventually, as the rich get poorer, more and more will of necessity be taxed.


The NY Post summarized Bernie’s past as a communist whose past is being whitewashed. The information posted by the Post can be found elsewhere. It’s fact.

Sanders was a member of the Young People’s Socialist League at the University of Chicago. He organized a communist front, the United Packinghouse Workers Union, which at the time was under investigation by the House Committee on Un-American Activities.

Once in Vermont, he headed the American People’s History Society, an organ for Marxist propaganda. He narrated and produced a glowing documentary of communist Eugene Debs, “America’s greatest Marxist”, and still has his photo hanging in his Senate office.

In the 1970s he joined the Liberty Union Party which demanded the nationalization of all US banks and the public takeover of all private utility companies.

He won elections when he toned down his communism. As mayor of Burlington, he restricted property rights for landlords, set price controls and raised taxes to pay for communal land trusts. No one thought he believed in free enterprise.

Sanders took several “goodwill” trips not only to the USSR, but also to Cuba and Nicaragua, where the Soviets were trying to expand their influence in our hemisphere.

In 1985, he traveled to Managua to celebrate the rise to power of the Marxist-Leninist Sandinista government. He called it a “heroic revolution.”

Sanders lobbied the White House to stop the proxy war and even tried to broker a peace deal. He adopted Managua as a sister city and invited Sandinista leader Daniel Ortega to visit the US. He exalted Ortega as “an impressive guy,” while attacking President Reagan.

Sanders also adopted a Soviet sister city outside Moscow and honeymooned with his second wife in the USSR. He put up a Soviet flag in his office, shocking even the Birkenstock-wearing local liberals. At the time, the Evil Empire was on the march around the world, and threatening the US with nuclear annihilation.

There is more but suffice it to say, Bernie wants to nationalize health care and put private health insurance and drug companies out of business, break up big banks, and control every industry. He wants a Marxist living wage at the expense of everyone who works.

This will raise the deficit by another $18 trillion and anyone who works will pay for it. He wants global taxes, global warming taxes, high tax rates as much as 90%, and he wants to kill Wall Street with a speculation tax.

In all his years in the senate, he has produced no legislation. He has lived off the teet of the working poor in Vermont as a government employee, without ever having held a real job.


Hillary isn’t much better. she wants the same things if it means she’s popular with the collectivists, she just wants it to come more slowly and with lots of crony capitalism.


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  1. Much too early to get too very excited about Bernie — the “everything’s free” guy. If and when the Clinton machine fires up, Bernie will go the route of Howard Dean and so many other wannbes. Hillary could kill four people and nobody would get very excited…..Oh wait!! Do you get my drift??? From an election standpoint, because he’s NOT a female, Bernie would be easier to beat.

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