Democrats Rewrite the History of Antifa Right Before Our Eyes


The media and the Democrats are rewriting the history of Antifa, even history that took place only yesterday. You won’t hear about the riots yesterday since it was Antifa against the police and the media. There were no right-wingers to blame and only 25 to blame today.
Senator Tim Kaine told The Daily Caller he knows nothing about Antifa despite the fact that his son being a member of the group.
For her part, Pelosi can only remember the death of Heather Heyer last year and nothing of the rioting Antifa and Black Lives Matter.

The media never noticed the Anarcho-Communists last year. This picture managed to make it to a local television station.


In an interview with MSNBC’s Jonathan Capehart Sunday, House minority leader Nancy Pelosi was asked about the anniversary of the Charlottesville riots last year. She failed to mention the culpability of the police chief and Antifa in those riots and only focused on the Unite the Right group.

She also ignored the violence just yesterday by her Democrat friends in Antifa. The media cleverly made the riots Saturday about recalling the death of Heather Heyer and the [paranoid schizophrenic] white nationalist responsible for her death.


The Daily Caller News Foundation reported that when they asked Sen. Tim Kaine if “Antifa” should be considered a terrorist organization, Kaine replied: “I don’t like broad brushes and I don’t know enough about them to say that they’re terrorists but people who do violent things. The law should take care of them.”

The Department of Homeland Security has called the activities of Antifa “domestic terrorist violence,” according to Politico.

Daddy Kaine is a Marxist himself.


Kaine’s own son Linwood is Antifa and was arrested in 2017 for a number of crimes he got away with committing. It took three officers to subdue him. He was arrested on two charges of rioting but only charged with one gross misdemeanor count of obstructing the legal process and misdemeanor counts of fleeing on foot and concealing his identity in public. He ended up paying a fine of a little over $200.


Sen. Kaine signed a resolution last week condemning the KKK, neo-Nazis, white nationalists, and white supremacists. This was to make a point of the anniversary of Charlottesville while leaving out any mention of the biggest troublemakers at the event.

Daily Caller asked Kaine why Antifa wasn’t included. He replied, “Because that wasn’t really the issue in Charlottesville at all.”

That’s absolutely and insanely not true. Antifa instigated much of the violence along with Black Lives Matter. They attacked the media, and anyone who they believed to be the enemy. The police chief told the police to stand down. And, at times, the Unite the Right protesters were pushed by police into the waiting and armed Antifa. Listen to the Kaine interview…

That’s not to say the right wasn’t guilty also.

Along with the Democrats, the media has cleverly rewritten history and made Charlottesville only about one extreme right-wing organization. They have erased from history the violence by the left last year and yesterday.


As if the lies aren’t bad enough, Fox News is even lying about it.


There were about 25 Unite the Right protesters in D.C. Sunday and hundreds of violent Antifa, but the media will either not report it or they will blame the Unite the Right group for any violence that takes place.

All this hoopla was for 25 extreme right protesters?

Just so you know, this is the entire Unite the Right crowd in D.C.

The Antifa counter protesters are attacking the two dozen Unite the Right crew. There are hundreds of Antifa by all accounts.

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herbert r richmond
herbert r richmond
4 years ago

There is a good article at American Thinker–‘Charlottesville has Its Boogeyman and its not letting Go’ by James G. Robertson. Regular crime is wide spread in Charlottesville and its not caused by Neo-Nazis and white supremacists. In their homes and businesses, residents are high on diversity and inclusion and “We’re glad you are our neighbor” signs. But, in the streets, its the relatives and neighbors of the diversity and inclusion crowd who are committing the crime. Or, quelle horreur, maybe it’s the diversity crowd itself committing the crime!