Democrats Are Rope-A-Doping Themselves


Years ago, while watching “Friday Night Fights” I remarked that one of the boxers was throwing a lot of punches, to which Dad responded, “But he’s not landing any.” Then came some wise words from the former boxer/trainer that have stayed with me to this day, and have proven applicable outside the ring. He said, “It takes a lot more energy to throw a punch and miss, than to throw a punch and hit.”

Around a decade later, heavily favored and undefeated Heavyweight Champion, George Foreman facing off against Muhammad Ali, learned that lesson the hard way. Ali duped Foreman by leaning on the ropes and letting the champ hit him on the arms and body, while deflecting or avoiding any damaging shots. As Big George became more frustrated he fell further into The Greatest’s trap. Foreman exhausted himself, becoming angry and throwing increasingly ineffective punches. Eventually he was knocked out in the 8th Round.

The ever loquacious Muhammad Ali cleverly labeled his strategy rope-a-dope. It’s a phrase that has both stood the test of time and, much like Dad’s remark, found applications outside the ring. Watching months of what has been a never ending parade of Democrat elected officials and devotees protesting violently or raging incoherently against President Donald Trump has moved the rope-a-dope image into the political arena.

While they “resist” by launching multiple flailing, often irrational assaults at Trump, he remains undeterred and presses ahead. The president has undone a number of his predecessor’s executive orders, insisted on enforcing immigration laws already on the books, selected Cabinet Secretaries whose views strongly contradict those held by today’s leftist Dems, begun reversing Obama’s “lead from behind” foreign policy approach, and perhaps most importantly gotten conservative, Neil Gorsuch onto the Supreme Court.

Here’s a quick review of just some the over the top swings and misses by Democrats and their groupies.

  • Rachel Maddow’s panting “breaking news” about Donald Trump’s tax returns….that only confirmed he made a lot of money and paid almost twice the rate of Socialist Bernie Sanders.
  • Jon Ossoff, the much ballyhooed, Hollywood backed, mainstream media darling, and Democrat congressional candidate, failing to reach the 50% electoral threshold; in spite of spending $8 million. He “modestly” called this very disappointing result a “victory for the ages.”
  • Almost every Dem anti-Trumper claiming The Donald was a Putin puppet; until he suddenly Tomahawk chopped the Syrian Air Force.
  • The ethically challenged Maxine Waters very publicly hyperventilating, calling for Trump’s impeachment, and then denying she had, despite incontrovertible video proof.
  • Chuck Schumer’s futile bluster threatening a shortsighted filibuster of Neil Gorsuch that not only resulted in the judge’s confirmation, but left the door open for other conservative Supreme Court candidates to become confirmed by a simple majority.

What makes these increasingly desperate tactics even more remarkably ill advised is; it’s not like the GOP, Trump, or his defenders are the political equivalents of Muhammad Ali. For the most part, aside from the president, who has generally begun ramping down his provocative tweets, the media mutes his supporters so there is not much public push back on Trump’s behalf. Yet Democrats continue to all too often embarrass themselves and exhaust their credibility by throwing ridiculous haymakers that completely miss the mark.

It’s as if, given the lack of overt, ingenious opposition, they have been rope-a-doping themselves. And since “It takes a lot more energy to throw a punch and miss, than to throw a punch and hit.”, one wonders how Democrats will manage the 8th round of this long political fight.

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