Democrats Shamelessly Exploit the Death of Little 7-Year Old Jakelin


There is extreme hate coming from the left as they demonize the wrong people for the death of the little Guatemalan girl Jakelin Caal Maquin. The long and dangerous trip killed her. Her father knows that and said he is very grateful to First Responders for all they did to help her; they did all they could, he said.

Despite the facts, the usual leftists are blaming the very men who helped her — the Customs and Border Patrol.

The unAmerican ACLU is doing their best to try to rile the father up and condemn border Patrol agents despite knowing the truth.

If you go through the Twitter sewer, you will be shocked by the venom the left is spewing at CBP when they should blame themselves for leaving our borders open.

Jim Carrey, a demented ‘comedian’ blames Trump and claims he’s sadistic for trying to protect our borders as most Americans want him to do. He’s using a child’s death to attack Trump.

Hillary the hag is exploiting the child’s death to push her mantra. The child died from more than dehydration as Hillary claims. Hillary minimized the causes of death to strengthen her deceitful argument. She’s a hate-filled troublemaker who has been dividing Americans for decades using evil, Marxist identity politics.

Chuck Schumer too is shamelessly exploiting the death of this child for political gain. He’s repulsive.

Alexandria O-Cortez retweeted a complete lie. Little Jakelin died in the hospital, not in a ‘hieleras’. It’s a total fabrication.

But one leftist stuck up for the Border Patrol and it is a shocker. It’s rare, very rare.

CNN’s host Chris Cuomo began a segment on his show by saying, “Jakelin and her father were not abused, at least not by the men and women working for the U.S. The people who organize these new mass caravans, often on false pretenses, they need to be called out and investigated.”

“Don’t demonize people working on the border with false allegations. Don’t demonize those desperate enough to do something like this father did for his daughter from Guatemala. Walls matter,” he stated. “But this stare-down between the president and the Democrats is a deadly distraction. It’s not a single-issue problem. We’re not a wall away from safety. This system is killing people.”

The true problem is the Democrats have invited the entire world to come into the country illegally. We can’t take the world in, no matter how poor or uneducated they are. About 1,000 to 3,000 pour in each day. We are not a country right now because we do not have any borders.

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