Democrats [Socialists] Have 2 to 1 Lead Among Youth, Candace Owens Fights Back

Democrats say these are the women trailblazers. No one on the right made it.

Thanks to the leftists in the universities, the Democrats [Socialists] have a two-to-one lead among youth today, according to polls. Candace Owens, the leader of Turning Point USA, wants to change that tendency if the polls are accurate.

She recently joined the NRA which she says started as a civil rights organization to help blacks arm and protect themselves from the KKK.

Ms. Owens said the leftists are rewriting history.

Bill Maher made a point about fake news although it’s his party rewriting reality

Bill Maher made a point about the fake journalism. The vulgarity and ad hominem attack on a Trump supporter is omitted from this clip.


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