UGH! Democrats Want a Federal Minimum Wage of $15


It is going to be hard for the President to enact his agenda with Democrats adding 38 to 43 seats in the House. Also true is the fact that Democrats can push things through that Republicans will be compelled to sign off on.

Their first effort will be a $15 federal minimum wage. Democrats can’t understand how there cannot be one size fits all and this type of wage increase hurts businesses and costs jobs.

Expect businesses to speed up the manufacture and sale of machines to replace low-skilled workers.


Democratic Rep. Bobby Scott of Virginia is probably the one who will lead the effort if he does become the next chairman of the House Education and the Workforce Committee.

They call this pro-labor and it makes unions look good but it will cost jobs.

“On the legislation front, there will be a push to raise the minimum wage,” a Democratic House staffer told the Examiner.

Fortunately, the Senate will remain in Republican hands and they can kill many of this ill-thought-out leftist proposals.

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5 years ago

Raising the minimum wage will result in the raising of prices on products we buy by the same or a larger amount. It doesn’t make your labor more valuable, it just increases the percentage of income taxes you pay on your wages. It does help people heavily in debt because the debt can be repaid with money that has less value than when it was borrowed.