Democrats Want Open Borders Without You Knowing It’s the Goal


The manufactured crisis of child-parent separations at the border has brought out the far-left activists today. They are marching – allegedly – in hundreds of cities nationwide to press President Trump to reunite the families quickly, according to the AP.

The more than 600 marches are led by very radical groups who tend to include the same leaders and same funders Americans saw in Ferguson, Florida, and on Wall Street as well as in Climate Change marches and Women’s Marches.

The only things that change are the banners and the chants. Today, it’s ‘Families Belong Together.’ The leftists want it to look like the majority feels the way they do. In actuality, they are the fringe revolutionaries who have no regard for our values, traditions, or security.

As we have reported, in the leaked Center for American Progress emails, the policies supporting open borders and the amnesty for DACA/DAPA are key to establishing a permanent Progressive electoral majority [Socialism].

The only policy Democrats are willing to accept is ‘catch and release’, which means, as soon as the illegal aliens have one toe in the United States, they are detained for a brief time and then released into the interior carrying an appearance ticket they ignore. They hide out until amnesty.


Democrats are concerned about the appearance of the ‘abolish ICE’ movement which mainstream politicians like Senator Kirsten Gillibrand have joined. Democrats don’t want people to know they are fully in favor of open borders.

Axios’s Mike Allen reported that “Top Democrats tell me they’re worried that a sudden wave of ambitious party members calling for the abolition of ICE — U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, which is newly controversial because of the caged kids — will make the party look weak on security, a key issue for many swing voters.”

They don’t want to be an easy target and accused of wanting “open borders”.  The issue has gotten traction since the surprise upset in New York of Communist/Socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez who wants to “abolish ICE’. Communist New York Mayor Bill de Blasio also wants to abolish ICE.

That would be the end of all interior enforcement. Others like Matt Haggman in Florida and Cynthia Nixon — leftists — are calling for the end of ICE and deportations as well.

Socialist Elizabeth Warren called for abolishing ICE today.

Speaking at a “Families Stay Together” rally in Boston, MA, Warren told the crowd that the United States should “replace” the existing interior immigration enforcement agency.

“We need to rebuild our immigration system from top to bottom, starting by replacing ICE with something that reflects our morality and values,” she said to cheers from the crowd.

Deep-pocketed leftists are funding rallies of obnoxious protesters and lawbreakers throughout the nation. Even if ten people show up, they get heavy media coverage.


Trump tweeted this morning about this: “To the great and brave men and women of ICE, do not worry or lose your spirit. You are doing a fantastic job of keeping us safe by eradicating the worst criminal elements. So brave! The radical left Dems want you out. Next, it will be all police. Zero chance, It will never happen!”

Allen, a former Politico reporter and a man of the left, thinks Trump is a demagogue.

The fact is Democrats are showing their hand too soon. They have to first encourage these people to come here illegally, get them amnesty, and then they can show the public who they are — Socialists and Communists. It will be too late because every state will be California and New York.


Hillary told a gathering of high-powered business leaders in 2016 that the country can handle another 300 million or more immigrants. That is the goal. Since the illegal immigrants aren’t coming for our values, and since Democrats insist ‘welcoming’ replace ‘assimilation’, it completely and forever changes our culture. The ‘new Americans’ will be electorally indebted to the Democrats forever.

In a private, paid speech to a Brazilian bank on May 16, 2013, Clinton said: “My dream is a hemispheric common market, with open trade and open borders, some time in the future with energy that is as green and sustainable as we can get it, powering growth and opportunity for every person in the hemisphere.”

This secret speech was released as part of the Podesta emails obtained by Wikileaks.

The Democrats will say #AbolishIce conveys an inaccurate end-goal and gives the impression Democrats want open borders.

What do they mean then? Are we not to believe what they are saying?

“In a hypothetical world where there was a Democratic Congress and a Democratic president, people would rename ICE and reorganize it. … There are very few policy positions that can be adequately explained by a hashtag. Public policy just isn’t that simple,” one senior Democrat aide told Axios.

No, it is actually that simple.


Reorganizing ICE so it doesn’t go after illegal aliens is open borders. They want to parse words and manipulate Americans with semantics.

They claim they want ICE to be humane and have made it clear, it means no deportations. That is quite a strange definition of ‘humane’. What about being humane to those who want to come here legally or to the citizens who have to pay for the upkeep of these lawbreakers?

Minority House leader Nancy Pelosi’s chief of staff Drew Hammill told Axios that Pelosi believes ICE can’t “be allowed to continue without an immediate and fundamental overhaul.  No one can watch ICE play such a central role in the heartbreak and horror of family separation without reasonably concluding that a drastic overhaul is desperately needed, and soon.”

That means eliminating the arrest and deportation of illegal aliens.

House Democratic Whip Steny Hoyer said in a statement to Axios: “Instead of abolishing ICE, we need to focus on winning back the House so that Congress can conduct greater oversight on the practices and effectiveness of ICE…ICE has important and needed functions to strengthen national security, keep America safe, and regulate international commerce, but under President Trump, ICE is pursuing harmful policies that do not reflect our values…These policies are unacceptable and must end.”

His values are Obama’s values — open borders.

Republicans aren’t spreading a false narrative or demagoguing the issue. They are clearly restating what is happening and what Democrats want.

Listen to the other side:

Retiring ICE Chief Homan says, “We’re not the ones separating families.”

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