Congressmen Say They Will “Certainly” Try to Impeach Trump Over Comey


Two Democrat congressmen say they are “certainly”moving down that path” of impeachment over the Comey firing.

The consequences could be severe, according to Reps. Ruben Gallego (D-AZ) and Mark Pocan (D-WI).

In a conference call with the Progressive Change Campaign Committee, a radical left-wing group, the congressman said it could bring Democrats together to move for impeachment.

“We are certainly moving down that path,” Gallego said. “There is a lot of runway until we get there, but the president is not helping himself by firing the person investigating him. … We don’t have the numbers to do something right now, but when it comes to a point when we feel there is no other recourse, you’d have — I think — we’d have the full support of the Democratic caucus.” This indicates that any efforts to impeach Trump would likely wait until after midterm elections, when Democrats could potentially retake control of the House, the body that votes whether to impeach.

Senator Elizabeth Warren has been looking for a way to impeach Donald Trump since before he took office. She said Wednesday that if they can uncover evidence he did it over the Russia investigation then they could impeach.

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