Democrats Will Impeach Trump for Talking to the Ukraine President


Trump tweeted Thursday: “Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky told reporters Thursday his controversial July call with President Trump involved no bribe, blackmail or quid pro quo, as impeachment-minded Democrats claim.” This should immediately end the talk of impeachment!

He’s right. It should but it won’t. They got nothing else!

There was no blackmail from Trump and the call transcript “matches completely,” says the Ukraine President.

Democrats don’t care. They don’t like Donald J. Trump, #orangemanbad.

The Democrat grounds for impeachment were based in the Ukraine collusion charade when a whistleblower blew the whistle armed only with gossip and newspaper articles that did not agree with the actual transcript.

Then the Dems came up with a scaredy-cat whistleblower who gossiped to the first whistleblower about how afraid he was after hearing of the President’s perfect phone conversation with President Zelensky. That also flew out the door because we have the transcript.

That is the fragile scaffolding Nancy Pelosi built her impeachment inquiry on. She didn’t expect the President to release the actual transcript. Surprise!

Their new gambit is the President is not cooperating with their kangaroo court which they are holding behind closed doors where Republicans can’t call witnesses or properly interview anyone. Dems also get to hide the transcripts from the hearings and only release that information which makes them look somewhat sane.

Democrats now say the President is obstructing them. Trump is supposed to take their abuse quietly and do as they say. They are beside themselves. They are asea because they never had a President or a Republican who doesn’t sink into the woodwork after their minions tear off their flesh and destroy their reputations or those of their families.

Trump is certainly one of a kind.

Democrats now say they are really a grand jury and the President has no rights there, even though long decades of legal precedent says otherwise. The President will not be allowed to face his accusers, they say. Are these accusers even real people? We heard they’re Brennan humps and we’re going with that.

The truth is the President is the victim of one fishing expedition after another. He is an innocent man.

Two-and-a-half years of this garbage. Think about it. No one has ever been scrutinized the way the President has. They’ve been picking at his bones in the DOJ, the CIA, the NSA, the Southern District of New York, the Manhattan DA’s office, and even in the intelligence agencies abroad, yet all they could dig up was Stormy and a Playboy bunny with whom he might have had a fling 13 years ago when he was an entertainer.

That is because he’s innocent!

Democrats went from screwing with the 2016 election, talking about wearing wires and invoking the 25th Amendment, the emoluments clause, to threatening electors in the Electoral College, which they hope to destroy. They hired Robert Mueller — who has seen better days in terms of mental acuity — to come up with something and he failed.

They even dug up a strange psychobabbler who said his tweets could be used to impeach him.

Could you withstand that scrutiny?

He’s innocent, dammit!

Now, Democrats say it’s an impeachable offense to talk to a foreign leader. Meanwhile, Quid Pro Joe and his wastrel son are declared innocent without even the gentlest of investigations.

You’re supposed to investigate before you declare someone innocent.

Democrats may think they can do this without judicial intervention, but that would be stupid of them. No way does Donald J. Trump go down without a prolonged fight. If he can, he will expose them for what they are — fascists.

Those whistleblowers will have to show up without masks, without voice modulators, and in court, not behind some curtain.

Because those jerks are not above the law and, most importantly, he is an innocent man!!!

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4 years ago

Yes it’s going to backfire. Because if Trump is impeached, the trial will take place in the Senate, where you need a 2/3rd’s majority to convict and remove. And the Republicans control the Senate. Plus, Trump would get to subpoena anyone he wishes in the Senate trial, including Hillary, Biden, Obama, Holder, Lynch, Schiff, etc and they would have to testify under oath. I’m quite sure the Democrats will implode when that happens and people can see the truth for themselves.

herbert r richmond
herbert r richmond
4 years ago

Yes he is innocent and they are evil Fascists attempting a coup to remove Trump and eliminate us.