Democrats Will Shut Down Government Friday for Amnesty for Illegal Aliens


Democrats say they will shut down the government Friday over illegal aliens and are insisting on a deal that gives Democrats all they want in exchange. Although this is a problem being caused by the Democrats, the claws are already out for the Freedom Caucus who would like to bargain as if Republicans had control of Congress and the White House.

Oh, wait, they do.

Democrats, with their mainstream media arm, can bank on the Republicans caving and blaming the conservatives, their favorite punching bags. They will not negotiate and are demanding the deal they want as if they were in power.

MSN is describing the Freedom Caucus as “hard-line” and they plan to blame them, not the Democrats for a government shutdown. This is what the MSN wrote:

Hard-line conservatives are threatening to scuttle Republican leaders’ plans to prevent a weekend government shutdown and saying GOP leaders lack the votes to push their proposal through the House.

The setback late Tuesday came as a deal between President Donald Trump and Congress to protect young immigrants from deportation also remained distant.

The Washington Post wants Congress to ignore the President and vote for DACA because it’s a great compromise.

There is no compromise. It’s a complete lie which their readers will undoubtedly believe. The fact that they want the nation to ignore the President will go unnoticed and without comment.

The Senate – allegedly Republican-controlled – allowed the Democrats and the very left-wing Republican Lindsey Graham to have an immediate hearing yesterday to continue the nonsensical and dishonest discussion of whether the President referred to certain countries as “s***holes”. Amazing how they can’t find the time to set up immediate hearings for anything to do with Hillary or Comey or Obama.

The hearing was to embarrass and bully the President into signing the DACA “deal” which is as absurd as it gets.

As we have already informed readers, the deal does the following:

  1. It gives an immediate path to citizenship to DACA who have not been properly screened. They would receive all federal benefits. [DACA is illegal]
  2. Only some crimes are waived in determining if they qualify.
  3. A pittance is given for the wall and border security. The wall will cost $20 billion and it was one of the President’s conditions.
  4. The lottery system would get a name change for half of the recipients. They would get to stay under “temporary protected status. The other half of the visas would go to people from under-represented countries based on a vague notion of merit.
  5. The parents of children taken here illegally would get to stay for three years. DACA would also be allowed to sponsor spouses and unmarried children.

Any of these clauses could be easily adjusted with a new administration to make them even more favorable to the insatiable open borders crowd.

According to the Washington Post, Trump was concerned that “…Democratic proposals to adjust the visa lottery and federal policy for immigrants with temporary protected status were going to drive more people from countries he deemed undesirable into the United States instead of attracting immigrants from places like Norway and Asia, people familiar with the meeting said.”

Make note that he said “Norway and Asia”.

Jeff Flake, who is wildly unpopular in his own state of Arizona, will introduce a bill Wednesday to provide $18 billion for the wall over a decade. It’s simply another ruse. He and his Democrat friends want amnesty for a promise of a wall in the future, money that could be reallocated or not allocated at all.

Lindsey Graham said yesterday that he wants to begin immediate talks on amnesty for the alleged 11 million currently living in the United States.

Flake and Graham, like Susan Collins and Lisa Murkowski, are not even Republicans In Name Only, they are Democrats and fairly far-left to boot.


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