Dems Adopt New Rules That Make Bernie Sanders Happy


The Democratic National Committee voted Saturday to curb the power of “superdelegates,” limiting how influential major members of the Democratic Party — and major donors — are in selecting the party’s presidential candidate.


Superdelegates make up around 15% of all voting DNC delegates and “include governors, members of Congress, mayors and others.” Their votes are heavily weighted giving them most of the say over who the nominee will be.

Fox News reports that the reforms, which were authored earlier this year, force the superdelegates to wait until the second ballot at the Democratic National Convention before weighing in on which presidential candidate they prefer.

Bernie Sanders thinks it will allow the Progressives [Communist/Socialists] to run away with the nomination. That’s not likely but it will help the far-left dig into the Democrat Party. It will push the party further left.

There isn’t much else new except they will accept gender non-binary language in party rules.

Gender non-binary members will not be counted as either male or female and “the remainder of the delegation shall be equally divided.”

So, if you don’t have a gender, just be a Democrat.

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