Dems — America’s Safety Comes Right After Our Trump Hatred & Lust for Power


Are you beginning to wonder what specific policies Democrat leaders and their cowed caucus members are pursuing? If you listen to their presidential candidates or the socialist “Squad” you’ll hear about their support for: abolishing I.C.E, banning air travel, confiscating guns, demolishing walls on the Southern Border, allowing imprisoned terrorists to vote, infanticide, zeroing out cow farts, open borders, reparations, supporting sanctuary cities, tax increases and eliminating private health insurance.

Find anything close to a majority of these issues gaining favor with American voters? Nope. And you can be pretty sure that private polling is showing the same thing.Given that, the Democrat party’s fall back position has to been to hurt President Donald Trump.

While there are any number of domestic examples we can cite, it’s their undermining of his foreign policy that may be creating the greatest threat to our nation. There are now three clear examples.

First came the fabricated “Russia collusion” fairytale that lasted over two years, and unnecessarily inhibited our dealings with a powerful adversary.

Next, we have Democrats purposefully scheduling a public hearing for felon, anti-Trumper Michael Cohen, while President Trump was in Hanoi negotiating a North Korean nuclear disarmament deal with their menacing, rouge, dictator, Kim Jong-un.

Kim may be crazy, but he most assuredly watches American news. He along with his predecessors have been taking U.S. leaders to the cleaners for decades. Trump has flipped some of that script, so when Pelosi and company timed the Cohen hearing with the Vietnam sit-down, they offered Kim some leverage he could never have created by himself. Democrats raised the specter of impeachment, and the meetings were cut short with no resolutions.

It’s not a stretch that Pelosi and her crew of resisters would drag Cohen out to “testify” precisely when President Trump was meeting Kim. Just look at recent events. On September 24th Donald Trump gave an incredibly powerful pro-American, pro-freedom address to the UN General Assembly.

He walked into a den filled with global elitists and attacked globalism. “If you want freedom, take pride in your country. If you want democracy hold onto sovereignty.” Trump spoke in favor of defined borders, and against the UN asserting a world-wide money grab for taxpayer-funded abortions or harassing a free citizens’ right to keep and bear arms.

“Wise leaders always put the good of their own people and their own country first.” President Trump went further, “The future belongs to sovereign and independent nations who protect their citizens, respect their neighbors, and honor the differences that make each country special and unique.”

Do you remember any of that powerful speech leading the evening news? Nope.

The obvious contrasting of an America-First Trump to the Democrats’ lunatic policies cited above was just too much for Speaker-in-name-only-Pelosi. Within hours she announced an “impeachment inquiry”. A salivating media then had an excuse to replace the president’s courageous plea for individual freedoms with another faux Trump impeachment fever dream.

But, once the “biased” leaker masquerading as a “whistleblower”, was allowed to present accusations based on hearsay, this latest deliberate distraction from a presidential shining moment morphed into something much more sinister, and perilous.

The fallout has led, for the first time, to a United States President having to release the unredacted transcript of a conversation with another foreign leader, based on the second- and third-hand claims of a biased member of an intelligence agency.<

This grave precedent is sure to cripple a Commander-in-Chief’s ability to share candid, real-time, vital, life and death, peace or war communiqués with other world leaders, especially during times of crisis.

How are heads of state expected to have forthright conversations with “The Leader of the Free World” when unscrupulous enemies both home and abroad might get access to top-secret transcripts?

Under the worst-case scenario, the consequences could be catastrophic, both at home and abroad.

But, no worries! Cause right after the Dems’ hatred of Trump and their lust for power, America’s safety comes first! They’ve become dangerously unhinged radicals.

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