Dems argued Hunter earned his Amtrak job since he rode the train a Lot


We have the final word on why Hunter Biden, Quid Pro Joe’s sketchy son, won a seat on the Amtrak board. This information was out last week but we now have confirmation.

Hunter Biden went before the Senate Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation in June 2006 for his nomination hearing for a seat on Amtrak’s board of directors, along with another nominee, career transportation official Donna McLean.

George Bush nominated both. McLean, a Republican, had experience in transportation, but Biden, a lobbyist, had no experience in transportation.

Biden’s real claim to fame was his father’s name, but he had another great asset according to those who chose him, they said he rode the train a lot.

“Hunter Biden has spent a lot of time on Amtrak trains. Like his father, like our congressman, Mike Castle, and myself, Hunter Biden has lived in Delaware while using Amtrak to commute to his job as we commute to our job in Washington almost every day of the week,” said Democratic Sen. Tom Carper of Delaware. “You know, you learn a lot about what could work and what would work better at Amtrak by riding trains and talking to the passengers, the commuters, the passengers, the folks who work on the trains and make them work every day.”

Both Biden and McLean were confirmed to the Amtrak board, where Biden served from 2006 to 2009.

You know, as an aside, I watch a lot of television and think I should be on the Fox News board. Oh, wait, I can’t, I am not related to any political honchos.

Hunter says he got on the board of Burisma based on his experience as an Amtrak board member. That’s not a joke.

Hunter served on the boards of Amtrak, Master Card, and Oil companies. He never had to start as an intern or even hold down a job. He soared right to the top, to the board of directors at every company. Amaaazing!

Amtrak could have been a reward for sleepy Joe’s undying love for the always-bankrupt Amtrak. In any case, Hunter didn’t earn it.

We see sleepy Joe fading away, quickly.

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