Dems call fellow Dems racist over white frontrunners for president


According to Politico, Democrats are “in dissension” [dispute] over too many White frontrunners for president in 2020. Party leaders are calling their own Democrat Party members racists and sexists over it, and are also blaming the nominating process and billionaires.

Democrats are worried this means there will never be another Black president. There is a discussion of changing the nominating process to force minority candidates into the lead.

The Democrats have gone mad.


Cory Booker — Spartacus — is one of two Black men still in the presidential primary. He and his fellow Democrats are very upset that Kamala Harris is out and can’t understand why unless they attribute it to racism.

Booker has been trying to pressure the DNC to allow him on the debate stage although he didn’t qualify. Deval Patrick also didn’t qualify for the stage since he entered the race late, has no traction, and most people don’t know a thing about him.

It couldn’t be that they aren’t good candidates?

Kamala Harris didn’t catch on because she’s a terrible candidate, an authoritarian who flip-flopped on all issues. Tulsi Gabbard was able to destroy Harris with her own criminal justice record in the second debate.

When Harris left the race, she blamed it on racism and sexism.


They only look at the success of the minority candidates through a prism of identity politics.

“Harris’ downfall, Booker’s struggles, and Julián Castro’s single-digit polling have caused Democrats across the party, and especially people of color, to ask what’s led the party to this juncture, where all the frontrunners are white, and most of them are male and in their 70s. In July, Democrats had the most diverse debate stage in history. Five months later, all the participants are white except for Andrew Yang, who made it onto the debate stage just two days before the deadline, thanks to the very last poll that was part of the qualifying criteria,” the author wrote.

“What if Barack Obama was not just the first, but the only person who is not a white man to occupy the White House for decades to come?”

The Democrats are actually worried about not nominating a nonwhite presidential nominee anytime soon. It affects their bottom line which is to make the USA a minority-majority.

“There was great hope heading into the 2020 election cycle that the Democratic Party’s large field would reflect the country’s rapid shift toward a majority-minority population. Interviews with nearly two dozen Democrats — including political operatives, senior advisers to current Democratic candidates, and members of Congress — reveal deep frustration over the party’s current predicament and pessimism about nominating a nonwhite presidential nominee anytime soon,” the author wrote.

Why do we need a nonwhite majority? Isn’t that racist?

What is wrong with these people? Just nominate the best person for the job.


Harris supporter and very far-left Rep. Barbara Lee, a Black woman, sees racism as the problem.

“There has to be structural change,” Lee said of the Democratic nominating system. “Systemic racism permeates everything in this country. I think Democrats are doing some soul-searching right now. … I don’t know if white Democrats are really stepping up and looking at how the system is biased and prevents others from coming through.”

“The question is whether the issues of concern to black people [and] to brown people get raised without black and brown people on this stage,” Deval Patrick told Politico.

That’s more about bigotry than reality.

The biggest problem that Cory Booker, Julian Castro, and Kamala Harris have is they are extremely far left.


The Democrats are also blaming New Hampshire and Iowa because there are too many White people in those states.

Remember, it’s the primary, so they are accusing Democrats of racism.

The DNC says that racism and sexism are everywhere, according to the author.

“Institutional racism and sexism is everywhere in this country, present in all of our institutions,” said Leah Daughtry, a former DNC official. “And the presidential primary system is not exempt from that.”

They want to change the nominating process so Black and Brown people win.


“It’s an open question whether Democrats will change the nominating process or find ways to help candidates like Harris, Booker, and Castro compete against self-funding billionaires who have bought their way to higher polling numbers. Though Harris made the December debate stage, she cited a lack of funds as the primary reason for her ability to continue on.”

Money isn’t the problem either. Biden isn’t a self-funding billionaire, nor is Bernie or Warren.

The Democrat Party is ruined and it isn’t coming back until they abandon the Marxists and irrational identity politics.

Ironically, the person who has done the most for minorities and wants to do more for them is the old white guy, Donald J. Trump.


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