Dems Can’t Figure Out Why Thousands in Colorado Have Canceled Their Voter Registrations


Democrats can’t figure out why 3,000 Colorado residents are rushing to cancel their registrations since the Trump election integrity commission requested voter data. The data they asked for is largely public information.

Nearly 3,400 Coloradans canceled their voter registrations in the wake of the Trump administration’s request for voter info, the Secretary of State’s Office confirmed last two weeks ago, Denver Post reported.

It’s a very small percentage of the 3.7 million registered voters but it is striking in that they’ve never seen anything like it before.

When they cancel they give two reasons: They don’t trust President Donald Trump’s voter integrity commission, and they didn’t realize how much of their voter registration information was already public under state law.

There is a third really likely reason: they are registered illegally and don’t want to get caught.

Another 182 Colorado voters signed up to become “confidential voters,” a designation that allows their information to be withheld.

“There’s confusion, there’s hysteria,” says Amber McReynolds, the director of elections in Denver speaking to the Colorado Independent.


And why don’t they want an investigation of voter fraud?

Democrats do not want any investigation of voter fraud. They claim it’s a lack of trust and they say Republicans just want to suppress the black vote.

There is no legitimate reason to oppose an investigation – none.

REAL ID will cause hysteria

The left might truly be confused and hysterical when the REAL ID comes into law October 1, 2020. It establishes minimal standards that states must follow when issuing and producing driver’s licenses and ID cards.

The federal requirements for driver’s licenses and ID cards will be required to board domestic flights.

Documentation to obtain one will require a date of birth, a social security number, two proofs of address of a principal residence, and evidence of citizenship or lawful presence in the United States.

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