Dems Consider $4.5 Billion Border Bill, All for the Care of Migrants & to Provide Lawyers


As we predicted, Democrats will come up with $4.5 billion for the border, but not to stop migrants [euphemism for illegal aliens] from pouring in. The money can only be used to care for them. This will encourage more to come. That said, the money is desperately needed. There is a humanitarian crisis.

The Progressive wing of the party [communists and socialists] care so little that they don’t want to give any money to help the illegal aliens pouring across. They might not vote for it even though their leadership wants to pass it. They claim to care so much but really just want to torch the President. It’s all about ideology, not people.

The Democrats finally realized the border is a crisis, but they could care less about citizens and legal residents. All of their concern is for anonymous people flooding in from foreign lands en masse.


The House measure provides $2.9 billion for refuge and migrant care and assistance by the Department of Health and Human Services, another $1.3 billion for care provided by Department of Homeland Security agencies, and $60 million to reimburse local governments and non-profits who help shelter migrants.

House liberals insisted on changes such as additional money for legal help for migrants and a denial of funds for overtime and salaries of immigration agents. In other words, we will provide lawyers so they can tie their cases up in court. Taxpayers get to pay and they get to stay. Border agents will continue to be abused by Democrats.

It will eventually get through in some form.

It is ALL for the care of the people crashing our borders illegally.


Health and Human Services will be out of money by July.

Secretary Alex Azar said Friday at the White House, “This is not about gamesmanship,” he said. “This is not about politics. This is not about immigration policy. This is a humanitarian relief package. And it has got to pass. It’s got to pass immediately. We are out of money and we are out of capacity.”

Open borders Rep. Joaquin Castro, D-Texas, chairman of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus, praised the House measure for denying funding to the Pentagon for logistical support in handling the crisis. He’s LaRaza Rosie’s other son. She is a communist Reconquista.

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Joe the deplorable
Joe the deplorable
3 years ago

Ir these clowns in the senate and house of reps wanted to stop this show they could. They don’t want to stop it, the money is buying votes and the whole deal is making Trump look like a Scrooge. What makes those elected idiots think I owe these people part of my income?

Larry Gaines
Larry Gaines
3 years ago

Kill this worthless bill for 4.5 Billion dollars that aids illegal immigrants and provides nothing for border security

3 years ago

Just like the Left, let’s throw money at the symptoms and not the cause. Mr. President you need to veto this ridiculous bill. This is like investing money in boats and scuba gear when a dam breaks instead of repairing the dam. DO NOT DO IT MR. PRESIDENT!!!!

3 years ago

Time to show that VETO is not a Mafia hit man. Make the RATs own it.

3 years ago
Reply to  stylin19

This should absolutely be Veto’d.
I feel bad for the people desperately trying to provide “Humanitarian Aid” but, this will only act to encourage more of the same.
On the other hand, the “Humanitarian Aid” that they’re attempting to provide often far exceeds the life and lifestyle these people left because that “Aid” is being judged by USA Liberal Ideas of what “Aid” is supposed to look like.
Free medical, free food, free lodging, free …
If they trimmed that “Aid” down to a minimum … so that it resembled what they’ve lived with all their lives … it could go further …
Worse yet, we now have Africans and Other Nationals stacking up at the Border … Sneaking over the Border …
No … VETO it and send it back to the House to come up with Funding, a Plan, Some LAWS to STOP the influx to Begin With.

3 years ago

Passed out of Senate committee w/unanimous GOP support. Led by Shelby, McConnell, Graham & Rubio.