Dems Continue the Brutalizing/Delegitimizing of Kavanaugh & SCOTUS

Democrats are continuing their assault on Justice Kavanaugh and, now, the Supreme Court. They aren’t simply poor losers. These leftists plan to overthrow the Supreme Court. They don’t like the fact that it leans towards the constitutionalists — the  originalists – for the first time in decades. Sharpton and the usual unhinged radicals like Nancy Pelosi are out ranting. But we also have a former Yale law professor calling the Supreme Court illegitimate.
Unhinged leftist Al Sharpton — a fake reverend, — says Kavanaugh supporters are like people who attended lynchings after church. This is the race hustler who was famous for knowingly peddling the lie that a black teen was raped by a white man. Sharpton ruined the man’s life.

By the way, the KKK lynchers had to become members of the Democrat Party.

The Democrat leftists mocked and assaulted supporters. One elderly Kavanaugh supporter prayed for the leftist idiots while they surrounded her to intimidate. The anti-American communist Linda Sarsour is calling for Susan Collins’ defeat.

Alyssa Milano is out brainwashing communist Democrats, in case you are unaware of her activities.

The leftists will never apologize for brutalizing Justice Kavanaugh. He is the victim they need to win. And they can never admit how cruel they have been.


Former Yale Law School Dean Robert Post slammed Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh for stoking “the fires of partisan rage and male entitlement” in an op-ed in Politico Magazine. He called it an “American Tragedy”. He actually said his “very presence will undermine the court’s claim to legitimacy”.

That is the Democrat talking point. If the Supreme Court isn’t ruled by them, it’s not legitimate. Same goes for the President. If he isn’t their president, he’s not legitimate. Democrats aren’t part of the government. We might as well treat them as foreign invaders.

“For as long as Kavanaugh sits on the court, he will remain a symbol of partisan anger, a haunting reminder that behind the smiling face of judicial benevolence lies the force of an urgent will to power.”

He declared Justice Kavanaugh biased despite his 12 years of rulings which say otherwise.

“No one who felt the force of that anger could possibly believe that Kavanaugh might actually be a detached and impartial judge,” Post wrote.

Post forgot that Kavanaugh was nailed with unsubstantiated claims. This is a law professor who has no regard whatsoever for the rule of law.

“Kavanaugh will inevitably become the focus of distrust and mobilization. His very presence will undermine the court’s claim to legitimacy; it will damage the nation’s commitment to the rule of law. It will be an American tragedy,” he added.


Dems Announce They Will Resist the Supreme Court as Illegitimate!


  1. We hope the Liberals keep up their hate for our President Trump… it will solidify their Blue Wave in November, but it will be a blue wave of their tears as they cry all night from a loss at the polls the MSM promised they would win, again.

  2. Dimocrats are so sad and pathetic. When they were in school I bet most of these cry babies were given “participation trophies”, obviously not for winning but just for playing. Real life has winners and losers and children should learn this lesson early on so they don’t become rabid, foaming at the mouth psychos when they don’t get their way. They should have also been spanked to reinforce understanding when they did something wrong, “spare the rod spoil the child”. I believe most Dimocrats need a good spanking and they’re gonna get one in November!

  3. The Dems will stop at nothing in their march to socialism. Nobody can even say it’ll be different than it was in Venezuela. Why’s that? Because California has already passed a law requiring a woman on the board of directors of any company over a certain size. That is a new first in America. That if government intrusion into a private corporation- never been done before.

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