Dems Demand Drastic Limitations on ICE to Keep Borders Open


Open borders Democrats Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer have no interest in closing the borders and hope to increase protections for all illegals. They are planning draconian limitations on ICE which they will use as a bargaining chip to get an interim budget without a wall.

Even Hector Montoya, one of the many career criminal illegals, is protected by Democrat open borders’ policies.

Hector Gustavo Montoya, a dangerous 51-year-old gang member, who has been deported “more than 10 times for immigration violations” was arrested again in Arizona. He is one of the many protected by sanctuary California and open borders Democrats.

A member of the murderous Los Angeles 18th Street gang, he was arrested by the U.S. Customs and Border Protection agency in Tucson on Tuesday as agents were patrolling the border near Nogales, according to a press release.

He will be deported an 11th time and is one of the many ‘wonderful’ people pouring into our country illegally.

Members of his violent gang are accused of criminal activities which include street-level drug distribution, murders, assaults, arson, kidnapping, prostitution, robbery, extortion, human trafficking, illegal immigration and weapons trafficking.

Montoya is only one of thousands of criminals protected by Democrats.


This does not deter the Democrats in the least and they don’t mind keeping these monsters in the country. In fact, their latest is to push their open borders agenda by hijacking the negotiations for the “Chuck Schumer Christmas Shutdown” to limit ICE’s enforcement authority.

They will put drastic limitations on ICE and then use that to bargain for the budget.

Senate negotiators want to drastically limit ICE’s ability to detain illegal immigrants as they barter with Republicans to pass an interim federal budget. This would result in large numbers of illegal aliens being let loose. The Daily Caller reported.

Part of the plan is to limit CBP bed space to prevent detention. Other limitations will possibly endanger states and localities who wish to cooperate with ICE in the transfer of criminal illegals.

They will use this as a bargaining chip during negotiations to prevent the border wall from being built. Schumer told Republicans they must abandon the wall to open the government.

Senator Lindsey Graham called out Senator Schumer for kowtowing to his [communist] hard-left base.

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herbert r richmond
4 years ago

All of the lusts of the soul are being unleashed upon our country with no restraints only chaos, carnage and misery is coming our way.

4 years ago

These socialist-democrats will kill your grandmother to keep their open borders globalist socialist agenda going. Anything to destroy our county, our people, our economy. When will people wake up and recognize what their goal is…socialism.

Brian Bowes
Brian Bowes
4 years ago
Reply to  BilboQBaggins

I guess we will just have to annihilate them, sometimes that is what you have to do to eliminate the problem.

4 years ago

War is coming to America if we are to remain free. The communist leftist are doing all they can to rape our freedom, our national sovereignty and our rights. It’s far past time to stop talking and take action against these traitors.