Dems do nothing while armed cartels roam the USA & migrants buy babies


According to Breitbart News, about 200,000 border crossers and illegal aliens have been released to American communities within the last five months.

We already have a homeless problem and ever-increasing crime, and allowing this makes no sense.

Breitbart News found that just last week, close to 800 border crossers and illegal aliens were released into the U.S. every single day.


    • If more people knew what was going on at the border, they would be outraged. As we know, thanks to the lying media, less than a quarter of our population knows what’s going on. The media, along with the Chamber and other groups are causing our demise……

  • They are following a pre-determined plan to cause messy disruptions to bring about mass struggle in order to have a more durable and radical sort of change, this is their ‘Socialist Manifesto’.

  • The republicants won’t be doing anything either. Both branches of the Uniparty have $old us all out. So get used to it.
    Locally used to be farms and rural route ranches, now it is like some foreign country with brand new particle board eyesore apartments to house the replacements.
    Charities and busy body do gooders are eager to ca$h in on the Tower of Babel redux.

  • The gangs in the cities controlled by democrats are just extensions of the cartels.

    The HSBC scandal Comey & Lynch helped cover up launders cartel money.

  • Nether do Republicans. Matter of fact, nether does any branch of the federal gov. The ones not directly supporting the problem, keep dancing around it, chip a little away, here and there from it, threatening to do something substantial, but never keeping their word. No one is following real law, but they bend over backwards to follow a supreme court’s butchering of the 14th Amendment, and Obama’s unconstitutional mandates that are flooding our country with some of the worst criminals the world has to offer.