Dems Fight for Candidate Inspired by Communists and Socialists


The WASHINGTONEXAMINER has an interesting story up about a Democrat running for office in Washington.

Democratic candidate Lisa Brown, who is running against Washington state’s incumbent Cathy McMorris Rodgers, said in her Ph.D. thesis from 1986 that she is inspired by communists and socialists.

Her thesis, which was recently posted online, said she was “inspired” by communist Elizabeth Gurley Flynn and anarchist Emma Goldman, among others.

The liberals are rushing to save her because Commies are A-OK with them. The wrote:

Conservatives seized Thursday on newly published sections of a 32-year-old economics thesis written by Democratic Congressional candidate Lisa Brown, recalling similar accusations of leftist sympathies used against Brown earlier in her political career.

Republicans quickly moved to tie Brown to economic theories they said were wrong for the people of Eastern Washington.

They also wrote in another article supporting Brown’s candidacy since an independent Congress that holds administration accountable is more important than ever.

They even found a veteran who supports Brown.

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