Dems Force Restaurant Owner to Apologize for Letting Jeff Sessions Dine in Peace


It’s a very sad state of affairs in this country when the left makes it impossible for people to be proud of government officials, to pose with them for photos, or show them the respect of serving them in a restaurant.

The owner of El Tiempo Cantina was forced to shut down his eatery’s social media presence and publicly apologize last week after Stalinist Democrats harassed his family for allowing Attorney Jeff Sessions to dine at his restaurant.

“We’ve actually received many, many, many insults and many, many complaints, and even some death threats,” Roland Laurenzo, the president of Laurenzo’s Restaurant Group said in a phone interview with station KHOU.

“We honestly didn’t get it — we didn’t see that we were doing something wrong,” he added. We didn’t even have any idea that this was going to happen. This has been a total surprise for us. It has been extremely shocking to our family.

He thinks he did SOMETHING WRONG!!!


The owner’s son had posted a photo of himself with the Attorney General with the caption: “We had the honor to server (SIC) Mr. Jeff Sessions, Attorney General of the United States. Thank you for allowing us to serve you.”

That is what caused the outrage and the poor man’s apology.

These people are Stalinists and it needs to be stopped. It’s so far beyond boycotting or normal outrage, it can only be described as oppressive. The plan is to silence anyone who opposes their authoritarianism.

The mainstream media and the Democrat Party are okay with this.



  1. The extremist view the owner as a traitor to their cause of freedom for all illegal immigrants by serving Sessions, who is for border control. Mexico Solidarity Network (MSN) an immigrant-rights group advocating amnesty or a pathway-to-citizenship for all illegal aliens currently residing in the U.S.

  2. The “Brown Shirts” of the left are back to the old tactics of harassing businesses that don’t align with their views. It’s 1930’s Germany all over again…

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