Dems Funded a 500 Million Dollar Wall in Jordan! But Walls Don’t Work!


The biggest argument against border security by Democrats is ‘walls don’t work.’ NBC even put up a fake news story proving it, only their example was a DHS prototype that DHS will not be using.

Democrat Rep. Veronica Escobar said, “we know walls don’t work.”

“We know walls don’t work, that they don’t stop drugs. That they don’t stop migration,” said Escobar, who represents the congressional district–the 16th–where the border town El Paso is located.

If that is the case, why do Democrats fund the building of walls in foreign countries? Take Jordan for instance.

In February 2016, Vice News reported that then-President Barack Obama helped the Middle Eastern country of Jordan with its construction of a border barrier to the tune of half a billion dollars.

Jordan wanted the wall to “stem the flow of refugees and also wall off the increasingly important (military) American base from the disintegration of Syria and Iraq,” the website reported.

They are using it to STOP REFUGEES who only want a better life. Imagine that! And Democrats voted for it.

When the project began in 2008, the price tag was only $20 million.

That plan, at that time, was to “to erect a set of surveillance towers along a 30-mile (50 km) stretch of the border with Syria,” Vice News reported.

Since then it had grown to $500 million at the expense of the United States. We aren’t done with it yet.


Nations around the world think walls work.

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herbert r richmond
herbert r richmond
5 years ago

They believe in nation-building overseas and nation destruction here at home.

herbert r richmond
herbert r richmond
5 years ago

They are willing to spend money on other countries but ours be damned because they want power forever.