Dems Furious That Trump Didn’t Appoint a Leftist Judge to the 9th Circuit


Democrats are furious the Senate confirmed President Trump’s nominee Eric Miller to a judgeship on the hard-left 9th Circuit Court of Appeals. The Supreme Court overturns 72% of the bad decisions of the 9th Circus.

The problem is all the cases that never get to the Supreme Court, leaving unfair decisions to remain in place.

It is only one judge, but even that outrages the Democrats.

Miller is a Seattle attorney who worked at the law firm of Perkins Coie. He was confirmed by the Senate in a party-line vote of 53-46.

Judge Miller will replace Judge Richard Tallman, a Bill Clinton appointee.


The two Democrat [Socialists] senators from Washington wanted to have a say. Senators Maria Cantwell and Patty Murray are outraged. When are Democrats not outraged?

“This is wrong. It is a dangerous road for the Senate to go down,” Murray said on the Senate floor Feb. 26.

“Confirming this 9th Circuit court nominee without the consent or true input of both home-state senators, and after a sham hearing, would be a dangerous first for this Senate.”

The only thing that is dangerous is the 9th Circuit. They are legislating from the bench, making hard-left rulings that take the place of laws. Much of it is against the will of the people. They’re extremists.

Miller is conservative — an originalist — and that is what they don’t like. He won’t make right-wing decisions, he will follow the rule of law.

The Democrats [Socialists] have constantly filed motions with the 9th Circuit to stop the President’s executive orders. They are blocking the President on everything he does to keep him from fulfilling his agenda. They are ACLU lawyers or ACLU types.


  1. The 9th circuit court has been a mess for a long time. Any attempt to bring a little common sense to the 9th would be welcome.

  2. Someone who is more astute please tell me if the Constitution states that only judges of a certain political bent must be appointed to a certain US court. Or is the 9th Circuit a special court that only allows left leaning judges?

  3. There are an awful lot of people in the USA who have no clue what it means to be American. I am in favor of subdividing the nation so that we Americans can free ourselves of those out west. They always have their hands out for our tax dollars while stabbing the Constitution in the back. Trump obviously wants to attempt to keep the nation intact. I disagree with him on this particular issue. I want to see the west coast suffer from its unAmerican choices. Tough love comes to mind.

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