Dem’s ‘go back’ hoax was actually two Trump haters attacking each other


People are working very hard to be oppressed. Take Rep. Erica Thomas, (D-GA), as a case in point. In order to capitalize on the false story that the President’s ‘go back’ comments were racist, and to play the victim, Thomas tweeted yesterday, “Today I was verbally assaulted in the grocery store by a white man who told me I was a lazy SOB and to go back to where I came from bc I had to many items in the express lane. My husband wasn’t there to defend me because he is on Active Duty serving the country I came from USA!”

It trended all day in the media with multiple outlets. Thomas cried pitifully during one interview about the ‘white man’ who said such terrible things.

She confronted him a second time.

Sparkes described the incident and repeated what he said. The man — the white man — in question, Eric Sparkes turns out to be a Cuban Democrat, an avid AOC supporter. He’s a Trump hater who actually called the President a Nazi. He has made the comments on Facebook but the comments are hidden from the public [We have some screenshots for you below, however].

It’s actually Thomas who is the racist. This is a fuller video clip of the interview with Sparkes:

Watch her crying:

She now admits he didn’t say that.

She should resign but she won’t and the story will die quickly. The MSM ran with the story all day.

Ted Lieu jumped on it without researching, proving he just makes vile comments without any investigation.

This is who Eric Sparkes is:

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