Dems Have a New Way to Spend Our Money — Free Housing for Congress – TAKE THE POLL!


Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez recently whined about not having the money to rent a D.C. apartment in the interim between being elected and actually assuming office. She’s a far-left socialist/democrat socialist/communist and she doesn’t belong in Congress, to begin with. Secondly, she buys $2500 outfits and has $15,000 in the bank. But, because of her, the call for Americans to pay for congressional housing has been renewed.

Many in Congress are worthless maggots. They make $174,000 a year and most leave millionaires. They want us to pay for their housing?

Cortez claimed she was “squirreling away” money until she starts making her fabulous salary. She didn’t mention she lives with a guy with money. That has reignited the issue of building a dorm for Congress. They call it a dorm so it sounds basic but it will soon look palatial.

The issue was raised by our furthest left congressmen and women in June. If Hillary had won, they would be laying the bricks by now.


On Tuesday, Politico published a Magazine column titled “Want to drain the swamp? Build Congress a dorm”! Not paying for their housing squeezes middle-class people out of office according to them.

That is a crock.

“We hear stories of members literally living in their offices — among them is outgoing House Speaker Paul Ryan — to save money, or of other representatives living in houseboats or in group homes that resemble flophouses,” columnist Rory Cooper wrote for Politico.

Via Politico:

So when the public directly encounters some of the harsh realities of congressional finances or less-than-wealthy members, it is often a culture shock. Perhaps never has this been truer than with Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.), the wonder-freshman from the Bronx, a former bartender who has become an object of fascination on the left and the right. Her relatively meager savings and the challenges she faces affording a second home in Washington thrust her into a new light as freshmen attended their Capitol Hill orientation activities over the past few days.

First, conservatives should leave Ocasio-Cortez’s finances alone, not only because it’s the right and privacy-respecting thing to do, but also because reminding voters that she is like them, and you are not, is bad politics. [They would love that]

And second, we should all want to encourage more middle-class people to run for office, not less. And we should make Congress more accessible to them by eliminating the housing quandary in Washington…

This is baloney. Congress never ceases to find ways to spend our money. They make a lot of money and have full benefits. If they work only one term, they get a big pension and benefits.

Democrats will ruin this country if they can. Maybe I’m wrong. Complete our poll.


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