Dems in DISTRESS! Former Starbucks CEO Is Looking to 2020


The former Starbucks CEO announced he is considering running for President, but not as a Democrat, as an Independent and alleged centrist. The billionaire will self-fund. The Twitter paTROLL is out to change his mind. It is fun watching them eat their own.

Schultz is hardly a centrist, he’s a Democrat who would pull votes from the Democrat Party.

The Ocasio-Cortez wing of the Democrat Party would find his wealth unacceptable, and the rest of them are insulting and threatening him should he consider running. That wing includes Neera Tandan, the President of Soros’ looney Center for American Progress.

No billionaire has the right according to Tanden.

The far-left Tanden says she’ll get her peeps to boycott Starbucks.

Avenatti says pick a party.

The marketing agent said he signed a million dollar deal with Schultz’ company and his gift was some loose tea bags. He also received a Starbucks gift card that didn’t cover the price of a Triple Vente Soy Latte. Poor guy.

AbovetheLaw’s Elie Mystal calls him “coffee man” and doesn’t want him to “screw everything up.”

Preet Bharara sees him as qualified to run for city council.

Far-left Hawaiian senator Brian Schatz is a definite ‘NO’.

Dan Pfeiffer sees him as an “existential” threat.

Obama-appointed US attorney Joyce Alene begs him to reconsider.

Fake neutral pollster Larry Sabato is not happy.

Crazy far-left troll Palmer says his interview was “idiotic.”

David Axelrod is a hell no.

TheLeft loon Adam Best wants Schultz to invest in his left-wing causes.

Schultz hates President Trump and he’s a lifelong Democrat. The killer is when he says “I am not in any way in bed with a party.” Dems love that one.

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