Dems In Trouble When Most Searched for Candidate Is Marianne Williamson


Democrats mostly support radical, socialist policies. The only issue they were split on was decriminalizing border crossings. But they’re all in for Medicare For All with no private insurance and giving illegal immigrants free healthcare.

There was 2 to 1 support among Democrats for giving free healthcare to all foreigners who wander into the country.

According to the Washington Examiner, the first in the second round of presidential debates saw a steep decline in ratings from the party’s first set of debates last month.

Tuesday night’s debate, which was hosted by CNN, held an audience of approximately 8.7 million viewers, according to a CNN press release. The release states 2.8 million people streamed the debate on the network’s digital platforms resulting in a total audience of 11.5 million people. The debate prominently featured 2020 big-names Sens. Bernie Sanders of Vermont and Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts, who defended their progressive policy agendas against more moderate, low-polling candidates.

The debate did face strong competition from other networks. MSNBC and Fox News aired their regularly scheduled programs, while ABC aired the season finale of The Bachelorette.

The show had 7.4 million viewers, a two-year high, according to The Wrap.

CNN isn’t very popular, but still, this doesn’t bode well for the Democrat candidates. People weren’t that interested in them. They were ridiculous and the few who weren’t haven’t a prayer of winning.

John Delaney is the best of some terrible candidate and he doesn’t have a chance. In fact, Democrats want him to drop out. He has been pointing out the absurdity of their plans. He’s far left too, just not as far left as the rest of them.

He is supposed to be moderate and he was the most normal of the candidates, but he just introduced a $4 trillion program where students would be mandated to 1 to 2 years service, going around installing solar panels.

Marianne Williamson Was the Most Popular

When grifter Marianne Williamson is the most popular in the debates, you know the Democrat Party is in trouble.

As Lindsey Graham said, The only thing more bizarre than the candidates and their ideas was the audience who seemed to cheer at the most extreme ideas. Where do they find these people?

We agree. It was bizarre.

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