Dems Launch New Assault on President’s Attempts to Control the Border


The AP reports that migrant youth are having trouble in the camps and there is violence. The AP hopes to draw sympathy to the migrants and some deserve it. But the fact is some of these kids are juvenile criminals.  Others have been taken on a dangerous journey through the worst regions of the world and, as a result, they are mentally and physically damaged. Some of them were damaged before they left.

This is becoming our very costly problem at the expense of citizens.


The media and Democrats are blaming Trump and lying about detention camps. The plan is to call them concentration camps as he detains the migrants and the kids. He wants to detain them and not release them. The left has found an insidious way to stop hiim — they think.

This entire catastrophe on our border is the willful neglect and lies of Democrats and RINOs.

The migrants, Democrat groups, and media, who are now complaining of the living conditions in detention are not our responsibility and no one forced them to come. The migrants were willing to put themselves and their families in dire straits to break our laws. They took their families or other peoples’ kids through the most dangerous regions in the world and when offered amnesty by Mexico, they chose not to accept it. The unwanted foreigners prefer to overwhelm our borders, come in illegally, and collect our benefits. If they are coming to work, they will depress salaries of Americans.


In one government facility for immigrant youth, a 20-year-old woman, who had lied that she was 17, sneaked a needle out of a sewing class and used it to cut herself.

In another case, cameras captured a boy repeatedly kicking a child in the head after they got into an argument on the soccer field.

One 6-year-old tried to run away from the same facility after another boy threw his shoes into the toilet. Three employees had to pull the boy off a fence and carry him back into a building.

The staff is afraid to touch the children who misbehave since the leftists and the lawyers will cry abuse.

A shift supervisor told a state inspector on June 26 that more staff were quitting and that workers “struggle with implementing healthy boundaries for children of this age.”

“He admitted staff are afraid to touch the children,” the inspector wrote in a report.

Records obtained by The Associated Press highlight some of the problems that plague government facilities for immigrant youth.


The AP wants to demonize detention so we can’t do it. It’s as simple as that. They don’t give a damn that women and children are being raped or trafficked or left to die during the journey. They don’t care that many are criminals who will kill innocent Americans.

About 14,000 immigrant children are currently detained in more than 100 facilities nationally, with about 5,900 in Texas. Many crossed the border without their parents and are having to wait longer in detention to be placed with relatives or sponsors, who are being dissuaded to come forward.

The AP says they’re afraid they will be arrested because they are illegal, but, the fact is, many are criminals. The people being deported are criminals and traffickers. Sometimes ICE picks up non-criminals who are hanging with the criminals or happen to show up.

The Democrats’ answer is to abolish ICE.

There is a move to call the detention camps ‘concentration camps’.

Democrats do not want detention. They want open borders and mass migration. The movement still uses the fake photo of a two-year-old crying. The reason they are doing this is that the President promised to build tent cities and detain the invaders, not release them.

This entire problem is a direct result of leftist policies but they are trying to blame the President. The media will help them. The left is working against the safety of citizens and they are liars. Social media is doing the same.


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