Dems More Troubled by Amb. Yovanovitch’s Removal Than Amb. Stevens’ Murder?


United States Ambassador to Ukraine, Marie Yovanovitch was removed from her position by President Trump.  Dissatisfied by her performance, our Chief Executive, followed precedents set by previous presidents, by dismissing someone whom he felt was not up to the job. 

This removal troubled congressional Democrats to the point of making it part of their “Impeachment Inquiry”.  They even had the cashiered bureaucrat give testimony behind closed doors. 

Here are a few points that should be helpful in putting this firing in context.  

It’s not uncommon for an ambassador from a previous administration, with a radically different policies, to be changed out by the new regime.  Ms. Yovanovitch was appointed by Barack Obama.  

What’s highly uncommon however, is to have a United States Ambassador assassinated while doing his job overseas.  It’s so rare, that spanning a period of the last 74 years, there have only been 6 killed by foreign militants.  The last of those murdered was our Libyan Ambassador Chris Stevens, who was brutally slaughtered on September 11, 2012.   

Mr. Stevens was selected for that post by President Obama.  The State Department, headed by Secretary Hillary Clinton, utterly failed in their responsibility to keep Chris, and those who either served with, or tried to save him, safe.   

So as Democrats express outrage over Yovanovitch’s pink-slip they might want to gain proper perspective by recalling the fate of Ambassador Stevens.  And while Marie’s faced some tough GOP questioning from Congressman Lee Zeldin, that appears to have exposed her lying under oath, she’s at least had the opportunity to tell her story; something Chris was never able to do.  

Yovanovitch was also spared having her “loss” treated, after the fact, with Mrs. Clinton-style dismissiveness.  Neither Zeldin, or any of his Republican colleagues, disdainfully asked,  “What difference at this point does it make?” 



  1. To the Left, everything boils down to one thing only: Raw power by any means necessary. And as far as Ambassador Chris Stevens is concerned, when your party is responsible for 60 million dead babies over the last 46 years, “What difference does it make?”

  2. All of the lefties which President Trump fired, including this commie Yovanovitch, were fired completely within all legal boundaries which are set up within the Constitution. It is all part of the powers allowed the Executive branch. Same with the firing of the teenage drama queen, Comey. No reason is needed to do so. Lefties just don’t like having no one on the inside of that, or any other, embassy to slow down the policies of the POTUS.
    Just sayin’.

  3. Agree with this assessment completely. Thank you Congressman Zeldin. Sure wish WE had a good congressman. Praying there is someone ready to step up to the job in 2020.

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