Dems, MSM React Badly to Trump’s Hugely Successful Rally


This week, President Trump drew an enormous crowd at his Orlando rally, the launch for his 2020 presidential campaign. People waited on line for 40 hours in the rain to get into the arena. Many didn’t get in but they remained, listening outside. It drew fierce attacks and silly lies from the left.

The truth is their leading candidate — flip-floppy Joe Biden — drew 85 people for his launch in Pennsylvania. His main office is there but he has rejected fossil fuels which bolster the economy in the state. Since then he has had 200 at rallies, but that includes security, staff, and reporters.

His poor showing and that of other Democrat candidates means the knives had to come out and out they did come, along with bald-faced lies.


Amy Klobuchar told Chris Cuomo that Democrats are also packing the house when they have town halls, but Cuomo wasn’t convinced.

I want some of what she’s smoking.

It could change once a candidate is picked, but there doesn’t seem to be enthusiasm for any of their candidates.


Bernie Sanders responded with this outrageous attack: “We have a president who is a racist, who’s a sexist, who’s a homophobe, who is a xenophobe and he is a religious bigot.”

Sanders also said: “Listening to Trump made me feel very much that he is a man living in a parallel universe, a man way out of touch with the needs of ordinary people and a man who must be defeated.”

The man’s got nothing. He’s done. All he can offer is outlandish and vicious attacks. If anyone is out of touch, it’s the long-time communist Bernie.


Meanwhile, Joe Biden dissed President Trump on Twitter: “Trump continues to undermine our standing in the world. Our core values of inclusivity, diversity, respect for the rule of law, freedom of speech, freedom of the press, and freedom of religion are under attack here at home and abroad.”

He also claims the current economy is an Obama economy.

None of that is true.

Former Secret Service Agent Dan Bongino observed: “There are more people in line for the bathroom right now at the Trump Rally Orlando than there were in total at Joe Biden’s “rally” last week.”


John Heilemann, reporter and national-affairs analyst for NBC, was a guest on “Morning Joe” as they discussed Trump’s re-election rally.

Heilemann is a national-affairs analyst for NBC News and MSNBC, and prior to that, he worked at Bloomberg and CNN. The message is always the same — damage the President and anyone who dares support him. In January 2018, he suggested Deven Nunes was a Russian agent. while he was bloviating on Morning Joe.

Heilemann admitted that he works with the Democrat Party to ‘inflict damage’ on President Trump. He kept referring to himself and the Democrats as one but then tried to say he “wasn’t part of the Democrat Party.”

He later walked it back but not very effectively. He has been at a private dinner party with the Hillary campaign and other ‘reporters’ to discuss her message and he swooned over Bill Clinton for years.

The NBC hitman made an appearance on Morning Joe yesterday to discuss the electrifying Trump rally in Orlando, and Heilemann’s objective, as well as the hosts’, was to put down the fact that the President draws huge, enthusiastic crowds.

At one point, Scarborough said, “This is Elvis in ’77, just kind of lumbering across the stage, sweating.”

Heilemann added, “in Graceland, in front of like the six televisions, with a big, huge bottle of Quaaludes, and a bottle of vodka, and the shotgun.”

Nice slam, insulting Trump and his supporters as has-beens and lowlifes? It is the hate speech offered by the media and the Democrats today. The hate comes from the left.

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4 years ago

“I’ve seen this shit before!” Aren’t they tired of winning yet???!!!

Mock, Scorn, Ridicule
Mock, Scorn, Ridicule
4 years ago

Where were the big crowds at the esteemed party member comrade kommissar rallies?
Maybe have an opening act like Ariana Taco Bell Grande or pass out free stuff to get such a turn out for one of the CPUSA comrades.
Beato could pass out free skateboards with solar panels, Barnie Sandlers could pass out a pocket sized Das Kapital, Petey Buttplug could pass out well…buttplugs.
Or pass out already charged up with other people’s money EBT cards for all the most favored democrat voters.

4 years ago

It wasn’t so long ago that the talk was of the Bush/Clinton dynasties and rotating back and forth. The last was to be Hillary and Jeb, but One man stood apart from all that and left both in the dust. Trump didn’t just defeat the two, he “destroyed” them both. No wonder there is such vile anger from both sides. Neither Jeb nor Hillary have been able to recover from his wake. We only have to look at those who supported each side and their reactions to this President. The Hillary side needs no explanation. Jeb, on the other hand, had many accolades due to his time as Governor but that is now long forgotten. He is now only viewed in the way Trump categorized him. Those Republicans who have been resisting him from the very start didn’t want to see their side of the dynasty destroyed. Therefore the left and the right were soulmates in their angst. It played out with Paul Ryan being the stumbling block to much of the Trump agenda, and many of the Senate also showed their true colors. It continues even today with the Senate voting today on a resolution of disapproval with the arms to Saudi Arabia. They fail to realize that Bin Salman has done what Trump suggested in his speech in Saudi Arabia, that is to rid the Kingdom of the terrorist sympathizers in power. Is it coincidence this happened shortly after the Vegas massacre. When was the last time any Senator came to the mike in defense of Trump after being attacked. Crickets have been louder. This rally leaves those in the Senate with closed mouths. They understand who will be held accountable if they step too far out of line.

4 years ago

Sleepy Joe said our core values of inclusivity, diversity, respect for the rule of law, freedom of speech, freedom of the press, and freedom of religion are under attack here at home and abroad.”
Do you mean the Congressional Black Caucus not admitting conservative Black Republicans is inclusive? Democrats attacking anybody who doesn’t agree with them promoting diversity? ANITFA & BLM’s violent riots and attacks on anybody who doesn’t agree with them is respect for the law? How about Hillary’s and many members at the top of the FBI, DOJ, EPA, etc. is respecting the rule of law. How about an illegal witch hunt by a special prosecutor. Is that respect for the rule of law? How is political correctness which Democrats are forcing on us freedom of speech? And don’t you dare show support for President Trump because that isn’t allowed either. Was the spying on the media that President Obama did freedom of the press? How about having a reporter chased out of the White House, is that freedom of the press? Obama did that. Is the attack on Christians and Jews freedom of religion? All of this is what today’s Democrats do so, Joe, quit blaming President Trump for what YOU do.

4 years ago
Reply to  Tim

Never try to use facts to debate communist liberals. It just pi$$e$ them off. I have tried.