Dems Plan to Do for the AZ Elections What They Did In Cali


Democrats claim Arizona has strict voter ID laws. What they call strict is requiring voters to show either a state- or tribal-issued identification card, federal identification or items like a recent utility bill or bank statement to prove their identity. If they do not have identification, they must prove their identity after voting by provisional ballot.

That is too strict for Democrats and they like to blame it on the incompetence of minorities. They think minorities are incapable of handling voter ID despite the fact that proportionately, minorities way outnumbered whites in the 2016 election.

Republicans want to protect the vote in Arizona as the state turns blue. Democrats say any of these laws are unacceptable in a ‘democracy’ [even though we are a REPUBLIC].

The State Senate is considering a series of bills while they still have the legislature. One, which is oddly considered controversial, outlaws paying people based on how many voters they register. It has led to some very questionable practices.

Another measure would require anyone who receives a ballot by mail to return it through the Postal Service, rather than dropping it off at voting centers.

Dropping the ballots off leads to ballot-harvesting which turned the red counties in California dark blue in 2018, said the bill’s sponsor, state Sen. Michelle Ugenti-Rita (R).

Ugenti-Rita also sponsored legislation to remove voters from the permanent vote by mail list if those voters do not cast a ballot for four straight years. Those voters would still be registered, but they would not receive their ballots in the mail.

Another of her bills would limit early voting at so-called emergency centers three days before an election.

A third bill, signed into law by Gov. Doug Ducey (R), will require voters to show the same forms of identification at early voting sites as they would at the polling place on Election Day.


None of these bills are controversial, but Democrats are screaming because they plan to use those avenues to sign up the homeless, the drug addicted, the people on life support and drop the ballots where they will be the most beneficial.

Arizona is turning blue and President Trump only won by 90,000 votes in 2016. Since then, a lot more people here illegally moved in. Whether they vote or just engage in activism, the result appears to be the same, they push for the hard-left candidates.

“We want to make sure we have an environment that breeds confidence and transparency,” Ugenti-Rita told The Hill. “If your foundation is weak and riddled with cracks and holes then what you build on top of it is going to be at risk.”

Democrats say the measures amount to a last-minute attempt by Republicans to keep the state in the GOP column ahead of the 2020 elections after four Democrats won statewide offices in the 2018 midterms.

“Our mission here this year is to make sure we protect democracy,” said state Rep. Raquel Teran (D), a member of the House Elections Committee. “This is not the first time we’ve seen these roadblocks.”

The Republicans are looking for ways to protect the vote and Democrats aren’t, plain and simple.

That’s Arizona, but the U.S. Senate is trying their best to replace citizens too. That is why they don’t want to stop illegal immigration.

Senate Democrats just introduced a bill to allow DREAMers — illegal aliens — work in Congress. They want their leftist activist DREAMers to influence Congress. They want illegal aliens to decide the future of the United States because they want one party progressive rule.

It’s a full-court press to fundamentally transform America.

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