Dems Play Unruly Homer Simpson to Brett Kavanaugh’s Nice Guy Ned Flanders


If you give someone a dollar for every time the Kavanaugh hearings have been or will be described as a “circus”, that lucky so-and-so would be pretty well off by the end of this week.  After days of forever lauding John McCain’s integrity, and his respect for that “august body”, Senate Democrats flushed all tradition and decorum right down the pooper, even before Tuesday’s opening remarks could be made.  

Dems forgot all those bi-partisan lessons learned from their “Conscience of the Senate” faster than you can say, Brett Kavanaugh.  Ignoring the most basic parliamentary procedures, they childishly, petulantly, and rudely disrupted GOP speakers, while their planted anarchists in the room did the same.  And, to no one’s genuine surprise, we learned this whole spectacle was pre-planned over the Labor Day Weekend.  

Wait! What?  You mean even before Sen. McCain was laid to rest?  

Hey, but the since show, which is what this hearing has become, must go on, let’s try something other than that worn out circus analogy.  How about comparing it to a cartoon series, and one of the most popular toons of all time;  “The Simpsons”!  

Unruly, coarse, bombastic Dems fit right into the iconic Homer Simpson character, while the object of their disdain, Brett Kavanaugh remained the generally genial, virtually always thoughtful Ned Flanders.  Very much like Ned, Brett coaches sports teams, is deeply religious, and even works as a volunteer in a soup kitchen!  No wonder the left hates him so.

Someone should tell Democrats that going full haplessly, dopey Homer is not a good look, especially when contrasted to his bright, warmhearted neighbor.  Throughout out the years, virtually every time Simpson has tried impugning or mocking Flanders, Homer’s made to look ridiculous.

Risk having a good laugh at the expense of some pompous lawmakers, and take a look at this 2-minute clip.

Now ask yourself if this is not life imitating art.

  • The problem is the Democrats, like Homer will never see the point. Your are right they don’t like being made fun of, but unfortunately it runs right off their yellow backs.

  • As Rush says ….The democrat party is more dangerous when they’re not in power. He also says that they have to be defeated and not compromised with.
    I’ve been saying right along that they should never change! Stay just the way they are. We didn’t think they could get much worse but then again A LEOPARD DOESN’T CHANGE IT’S SPOTS!!!!

  • The Democrats are setting themselves up for the ultimate diss… when Kavanaugh is confirmed. Some of them may come unglued. His cool demeanor and mastery of the facts is already driving them batty. What they are doing at the hearings is an exercise in futility but it’s worse than that…. they are contributing in a major way to divide our country which is dangerous and becoming more severe every day. They care about nothing but being in power.

  • Perfect analogy! They are so unhinged over nothing, just like Homer! Dems can’t find anything on Kavanaugh, so they just shout about anything! Loved the clip! Yep, life imitating art all right!

  • A big problem for Democrats, they keep trying to use all their steadfast dirty tricks which always worked for them in the past. But Donald Trump is no George W who refused to defend himself, or us. Allowed every lie to be repeated until it rang true, just as Alinsky directed.

    President Trump lets them get away with NOTHING. The more he calls them out, the WORSE their behaviors becomes…. the more they come off the rails, THE MORE EVERYTHING TRUMP SAYS ABOUT THEM IS VALIDATED.

    You see the vicious cycle Trump has created. He has them backed into a corner. Lo And Behold, all it took to sink the MSM, the Left/Democrats was a president with the courage to stand up and FIGHT LIKE HELL against them. No cowering, no fear of incurring more of their wrath because the more viciously they attack him, the more HE WINS.