Dems Prepare for a Public War to Impeach the President


Democrats aren’t waiting for Mueller, Axios reported. They have activated a new phase in the Trump-Russia wars that is meant to be ongoing and very damaging.

They picked up “the baton with a vast probe that already involves a half-dozen committees, and will include public hearings starring reluctant witnesses,” Axios writes.

It will no longer be behind the scenes, and a lot more destructive.

This is an unAmerican fishing expedition. Americans don’t seem to mind one party trying to find something — anything — damaging to destroy the lawfully elected President to overturn an election.

Many Democrats say these are the first steps towards impeachment.  This is not what the impeachment process is meant to do — launch a probe in search of a crime.

The Progressives/Socialists are turning us into the Banana Republic, but the president is in it to the death. The alternative is just too awful.

After the absolutely absurd public hearing and two days of closed-door hearings with pathological liar Michael Cohen, Democrats say they have many new leads.

Tucker has one of the best summaries of the public hearing that I have heard:


What House Democrats are thinking:

After the public Cohen hearing, via an email to Axios from MSNBC analyst Matt Miller: “Incredible to start an investigation and have six months’ worth of leads on the first day.”

What Democrats are planning: 
  • They want to call Trump family members — with subpoenas, if necessary.
  • The Democrats’ investigation will touch Trump’s businesses, foundation and presidency — and could extend into 2020, top Democrats tell me.
  • Besides Russia, topics include conflicts of interest, money laundering, and Jared Kushner’s security clearance and other White House clearances. (N.Y. Times scoop: “Trump Ordered Officials to Give Kushner a Security Clearance.”)
  • Rep. Jamie Raskin (D-Md.), who’s on the House Oversight Committee, tells Axios’ Alayna Treene that committees are “zeroing in on the Moscow project, the Russia connection and the influence of other foreign actors like Saudi Arabia.”
Democrats expect all that may serve as a Rosetta Stone to arguably “high crimes and misdemeanors,” touching off an impeachment process.
  • Well-wired Democrats tell us that even if the impeachment process doesn’t lead to a showdown vote, so much energy in the party is invested in the idea that they see little chance of heading off at least the opening stages.
Coming attractions: House Intelligence Chairman Adam Schiff said the committee will hear from Felix Sater, a Russia-born executive who worked with Cohen on Trump Tower in Moscow, in an open hearing on March 14, per AP.

The committee also plans to bring in longtime Trump Organization CFO Allen Weisselberg.

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