Dems Push Imaginary Georgia Governor Abrams to Run for President


Stacey Abrams is strongly suggesting she will run for President [or imaginary president if she runs and loses].

Ms. Abrams, a very far-left politician, won’t concede the election she lost in Georgia by 50,000 votes. She attempted to win with ballot harvesting and other tactics that didn’t quite work for her.

She keeps insisting she won and her fellow Democrats act as if that’s normal and she’s normal. Not only do they think she’s a good candidate after proving herself to be a loser and a sore one at that, but Democrats say there’s plenty of room for her in the crowded field of Democratic contenders for President since they have too many white men in the race.

Does it get any more insane than that?


“Abrams has been great at shaking expectations about who can win,” Democratic strategist Basil Smikle told The Hill. “Should she enter, most candidates will be forced to rethink their strategy.”

Abrams is expected to make a decision on whether to run for the Senate by the end of the month, sources say. As she debates that race, she’s hearing a growing number of voices suggest that she aim higher.

After Abrams delivered the Democratic response to President Trump’s State of the Union address earlier this year, Dan Pfeiffer, who served as a senior adviser to former President Obama and now co-hosts the popular “Pod Save America” podcast, tweeted, “Stacey Abrams should run for president.”

Her State of the Union speech that the party of identity politics loves so much was negative, angry, hate-filled. Not so long ago she wrote a manifesto calling for a revolution against whites.

At this week’s National Action Network convention, she was greeted with chants of “Run, Stacey, run.”

And in an interview on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” on Thursday, co-host Mika Brzezinski weighed in too. “You should jump in,” she told Abrams.

Democratic strategist Eddie Vale said there is momentum around a potential Abrams candidacy.

Remember when Democrats ranted in 2016 that Trump wouldn’t accept the results of the election? That must have been projection. Democrats sure love their losers, even losers who won’t concede, but don’t let a Republican do that!

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