Dems put on an INFURIATING PERFORMANCE attacking the President


The President had a meeting today with Senator Schumer and Speaker Pelosi to discuss immigration, the spending deal, and infrastructure. Immediately before the meeting, Pelosi met with her members who are demanding impeachment. She came out from that meeting and accused the President of a cover-up in a cover-up.

Did this buffoon really expect the President to go ahead with an infrastructure meeting after her vicious assault?

Pelosi looks like she belongs in the Wax Museum

If you listened to ‘Outnumbered’, you know that Chris Stirewalt, Fox’s left-wing political editor is presenting the Democrats’ side. I had to turn it off. It was nauseating even with some on the panel presenting the other side. Perhaps he was less offensive afterward. I didn’t stick around to find out.

After the Democrats spent more than two years promoting a fraudulent investigation of the President and his campaign, they are trying to redo it. This is NOT about Trump, it’s about them destroying Republicans. This is a freakin’ coup.

Watch Nancy attack the President:

The President greeted them in the meeting and told them he wasn’t going to work on infrastructure while they are carrying on with fake investigations. The meeting ended minutes later.

Fox reporter John Roberts acted as if he was stunned the President reacted as he did. Why? It’s the most normal reaction he could have and those Democrats know it.

He would have looked extremely weak if he reacted any other way.

The President reacts:

Impeachment is their next play and their only play

Democrats are deliberately pushing him so they have more ammunition for their impeachment efforts. Impeachment is their last play.

The dishonest brokers turned the tables after the President spoke about Pelosi’s claim he is engaged in a cover-up and claimed they were prepared to work on infrastructure but the President is the one who is the problem.

The President wants to do something about immigration before infrastructure. There is a little thing called an invasion. But Democrats wants the invasion so they get their permanent progressive electoral majority.

This is how socialists and communists take over nations.

Nancy and Chuck pretended they were stunned and didn’t expect this reaction. They went on and on about the President planning it. What Bull. They planned it. Nancy made her comments literally minutes before this meeting.

The President obviously considered Pelosi would do something like this.

The dishonest Pelosi said at one point that they were “…hopeful, optimistic, and seeing the necessity for a big infrastructure initiative for our country, we went in the Spirit of bipartisanship to find common ground with the president on this. He came into the room, made a statement that he made, I won’t even characterize it, but I will say this, and what I said after he left, Thomas Jefferson, when he was president of the United States tasked his secretary of the Treasury, Gallatin, to put forth an infrastructure proposal, initiative for the country.”

The Speaker has no right to mention Thomas Jefferson as she remains silent while Democrats throughout the country are tearing down his statues and taking his name off buildings.

Pelosi is so full of it — up to her damn ears. So is Schumer and the rest of these totalitarians.

The aged woman blathered on about infrastructure. Democrats think we’re stupid.

Schumer was equally repulsive and dishonest.

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