Dems redefine INFANTICIDE, admit their platform is “AWFUL”


The Democrats are redefining infanticide. They are trying to say letting babies die is not infanticide.

Letting an aborted baby die — if it is what the parents want, to quote Governor Northam — is just a matter of Republicans seizing on that message and pretending it’s the Democrat agenda.

It isn’t only Governor Northam who said this type of infanticide is acceptable. Democrats want this. They won’t pass a born-alive protection bill in liberal states and New York recently took all protections out.

President Trump QUOTED GOVERNOR NORTHAM but Democrats are ripping into the President, claiming he lied.

Actually, Democrats keep lying and saying it was taken out of context.


Democrats literally don’t want you to know that their platform condones infanticide.

The North Carolina governor feels the same way as Northam.

Let’s get something straight. Letting a baby born alive die is infanticide. Not getting help for a person is homicide. Not wanting the person to live is not an excuse.

The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men should do nothing.”

Ilhan Omar, the anti-Semite, thinks Republicans are sick for calling post-birth abortion infanticide. At least she thinks infanticide is evil but she doesn’t know what it is apparently,

Kooky Alyssa Milano doesn’t seem to realize he was quoting Democrat Governor Northam. What is really ironic, as Twitchy first said, is Milano is admitting the Democrat platform is awful. They are baby killers.

Peter Daou presents an unrelated case to say they don’t support infanticide.



  1. Scalise and his “leader”, the leftist Ryan, did nothing to fight the abuse of the unborn when they had power for 2 years. Pay no attention to Scalise. He is not a man of principle.

  2. Murder is murder and I find that infanticide is barbaric and the devious do nothing democrats are trying to cover this up as something else.

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