Dems Rising Star Ocasio-Cortez Is Their New Nightmare


The Democratic Party showered praise on Socialist [Communist] Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez after she won NY 14 in an upset. She became the rising star and the new, young, attractive face of the party, not that Maxine hasn’t been great. The DNC Chair Tom Perez called her “the future of the party”. However, dream girl Ocasio-Cortez isn’t such a dream for them after all. Dems don’t want to show their radical side this soon — they’re incrementalists — but Socialist Ocasio-Cortez is going for it.

Vox reported that Democrats don’t even want to vote on their own abolish ICE bill. The reason is they want a more ‘nuanced framework”. Abolish ICE is an open borders bill and they don’t want to show their hand.

Vox reported: Abolish ICE,” once thought of as a far-left rallying cry, is certainly being embraced by Democratic stars. But with many Democrats hoping to win back red districts in 2018, many are uneasy about leaning into this issue so publicly before November.


O-Cortez picked a fight with Democrat Joe Crowley who she recently defeated in the primary. She is now claiming he was running against her as a Third Party candidate. That’s false. Crowley has clearly stated he would support her.

He is on The Working Party ticket because it’s too late to remove his name unless he dies, moves, or is imprisoned. She writes:

Crowley tweeted more than once that he is not running against her and supports her. This is his tweet from Thursday.


She’s now endorsing other radicals to unseat the party elders, including Socialist Cynthia Nixon who is running for governor. Nixon hopes to unseat Andrew Cuomo, according to WaPo.

O-Cortez endorsed radical Kerri Harris who  jumped into Delaware’s U.S. Senate primary in February, to unseat Democrat Sen. Thomas R. Carper.

Then there’s leftist Julia Salazar in Brooklyn, New York.

She has backed Brent Welder, a candidate for Congress in Kansas; Kaniela Ing, a candidate in Hawaii; Chardo Richardson, a candidate in Florida; and Abdul El-Sayed, a candidate for governor of Michigan who had sometimes gotten lost in a three-way race. They are all hard-left.

She supports all unhinged leftists. After all, she served as a Bernie Sanders community organizer.

It’s not that the Democrat Party isn’t the Socialist/Communist Party, it’s that they don’t want you to know that yet.

Watch the unhinged Dems:

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