Dems Say Ocasio-Cortez’s Socialism Works, Just Rebrand It


The Democrats and the media are pushing socialism and few are pushing back. This is a very dangerous movement, but it helps that they are being honest about their extremism. It’s really good news, the Democrat Communist Party should go down in flames in November.

A NY Mag writer thinks Socialist Ocasio-Corte’s socialism could work in the white suburban neighborhoods if it’s simply rebranded.

According to the article, while some Democrats have distanced themselves from congresswoman-elect and Socialist/Communist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the DNC Chairman Tom Perez said she is the future of the Democrat Party. Many other Democrats say the same.

Some Democrats, like Tammy Duckworth, say her brand of socialism works in the Bronx but won’t work in middle America, but Ocasio-Cortez does not agree.

NY Mag says they’re right in some respects.

Leftist author Eric Levitz writes: Certain aspects of Ocasio-Cortez’s campaign were tailored to an electorate of working-class Bronxites, and young, highly educated gentrifiers (who are, for the moment, one of the core constituencies for far-left politics in the U.S.).

The arrogance pours from this author’s veins.

He claims the rant about abolishing ICE is mostly a slogan tailored to the audience.

via NY Mag:

But they aren’t optimal slogans for the Democratic Party in heavily white, nonurban swing districts — and were never meant to be.

“Abolish ICE” either means an end to all internal immigration enforcement (a very reasonable idea, but one that will sound unreasonable, at least at first, to many voters that Democrats need to win this fall), or else, a progressive reorganization of the federal government’s immigration-enforcement bureaucracy (an idea that will sound very boring to many voters that Democrats need to win this fall).

The author concludes by saying “socialism is coming back into fashion” but the “approval rating” is still too low.

This jerk sounds like he is rooting for it.

This is what these loons want:

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