Dems Send Letter Demanding Schumer Do More to Stop Kavanaugh


Senator Schumer is being assailed from his left flank for not doing enough to stop the Kavanaugh nomination. They want an all-out war.

Chuck Schumer has tried to give them what they want. He has attempted to stop the Kavanaugh nomination with ‘protesters’,  some of whom are paid to scream and carry on during the hearings.

The protesters shout at the top of their lungs to keep the hearings from continuing. On the first day of hearings, they interrupted 63 times. Half of the protesters in Wednesday’s hearing were invited by Senator Dianne Feinstein.

Schumer planned the hysteria and insanity. He led a meeting with Senate Judiciary Committee members to coordinate a strategy for obstructing the confirmation, according to The Washington Examiner.

Democratic Senate Judiciary members have repeatedly tried to shut down the hearings and when they aren’t calling for a delay, they are shouting down Republicans.

Schumer has threatened to sue the National Archives over the release of the judge’s records. Forget the fact that he asked for a million records in a month and has received more records than any nominee in history.

Hack Schumer is doing all he possibly can. Some Democrats are going bonkers anyway.

NONE OF THAT MATTERS to the lunatic left

Leftist Progressive groups penned a letter to the senator on Wednesday claiming he is “failing” them.

“The Supreme Court is on the line, and you are failing us,” the letter read. “Your job as Senate Democratic leader is to lead your caucus in complete opposition to Trump’s attempted Supreme Court takeover and to defend everyone threatened by a Trump Supreme Court.”

The Progressives say Schumer is sacrificing the Supreme Court to keep Senate seats and that is “strategically and morally wrong.”

“The Democratic Party’s progressive base expects nothing less than all-out resistance to Trump’s dangerous agenda. They want to elect candidates who will stand up for the people Trump threatens, not ones who compromise or cower as he and Republicans run the table in Congress and the courts,” the letter continued. “They understand the stakes of this Supreme Court fight. They know that we can win, but only if you lead.”

When do they burn the building down?

Watch Democrat [Socialist Islamist] Linda Sarsour from yesterday and other crazy Dems in this clip.

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