Dems Should Condemn This Any Minute! Southern Poverty Law Center Offshores Millions


The hate group, Southern Poverty Law Center [SPLC], is reportedly offshoring millions in donations, free beacon reports..

But, how can that be, it’s taboo to offshore accounts according to Democrats.

SPLC recently received huge donations from JP Morgan Chase and Apple because Heather Heyer was killed allegedly by a Neo-Nazi. The two officers who died are never mentioned.

I guess we know where the donations are going — offshore!

Listen to the Democrats discuss Mitt Romney’s offshore accounts. We should hear their condemnation of SPLC any moment now.

SPLC has been using their funds to put out more ‘hate maps’. Those are notorious. They put normal conservatives like the Family Research Council alongside actual hate groups like the KKK. They rarely find a left-wing organization a ‘hate’ group.

They are as far-left radical as an organization can get. For example, they want confederates names and statues out of schools to be legitimate in their eyes. If a school doesn’t fully adopt the leftist curricula, they are also in trouble with the SPLC.

SPLC started with demanding God be removed, now it’s Confederates, soon it will be Founding Fathers. All leftist and Democrat statues will remain in their good graces no doubt.

The SPLC still advises the FBI and the military despite the fact that they are corrupt. No one is calling for Christmas Guevara’s statue to be removed in NY.

Tucker Carlson discussed the millions offshore on his show.

Rev. Billy Graham also had something to say.

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